Monday, July 29, 2013

1st Area

Family and Friends
Time is so stinking short here so I will write all that I can with the time I have!

Are you ready to hear my first area?! I am in a town called Columbus! We have a tiny branch here but rumors have it that we are getting close to being a ward! The great thing is that our building is literally a half building. It's so little and cute but I am excited for the time that we have enough members in our branch to become a ward and have a big kid ward!

My trainer is sister gomez! She is from Orange County, California and she is awesome! She has only been out for 12 weeks so that just goes to show how great she is because she is already a trainer. We are really different! She is really shy and I am NOT! I am loud and she is quiet! I think that we compliment each other very well!

I miss Sister Page so stinking much!!!!!! She is in Kearney in the Grand Island Zone, which is like 4 hours away from me! Sad day!

Well I am just loving it here in Nebraska, it is so pretty and the weather has been outstanding!!! Like 2% humidity and 70's since I've been here! I am trying to be prepared for the heat though. We have 2 investigators set for baptism but I actually haven't met them yet because they have been out of town. I learned quickly the importance of following the spirit. We passed this house while tracting and later when we went back to the car I couldn't stop thinking about this house. We went and knocked on the door and this man about my age answered. We taught him the whole first discussion and he was really open to the gospel. We invited him to be baptized and he said he would if he knew it was true so we left him with a BOM and the invitation to accept Moroni's challenge to pray about it. We forgot to get his phone number to check in on him so we will probably go visit sometime soon to check up on him.

The work is hard but it is so worth it! You realize that not a lot of people want to listen to you message but we have to keep pushing on because there are people who do need that. We also have lessons with less-active, recent converts, and Members to keep strengthening the area so that is always great! The members in our branch are so willing and wanting to come teach lessons with us or give us food, which is always a great thing! We get the opportunity to take one of our investigators to the Trail Center on Friday and spend some time with her and her boyfriend in that sacred place so I am pumped!

The other night I had a dream about the Duffin' are they doing? Have you heard anything from them in a while? Just wondering.

Will y'all do me a favor? For family home evening I want you to study the talk called member missionary work by M Russel Ballard! There was a talk on it given in sacrament meeting yesterday and it rocked! Also I just want to leave you with this thought. The cool thing about this gospel is that it is one of transformation, or progression. We never stop getting better! As long as we are trying to be better than we were yesterday we are improving and that is all that our Heavenly Father wants from us! As we strive to progress and become more like him we will notice that we are not focusing on ourselves but outward, thus becoming like Christ! SOrry the time is so short but I want to sent some photos! I love you all and thank you for your love and support! It gets me through my day! Also I would love to hear from my siblings because I haven't hear from them and I am not sure they still love me ;) haha 
I am so grateful for the knowledge that we have that we can be together forever!!!!!
Love always,
Sister Dumont :)

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