Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week was oh so good. So Ashley was sick this week and we couldn't meet so she will be getting baptized on December 6th. What a perfect day to be baptized. And what a great way for Sister Jones to end her mission :) 

Saturday we were blessed to hear from another member of the 70, Elder Martino. We had a leadership training with the ZLs STLs and DLs. The "He Is The Gift" initiative was  announced by President. It starts the day after Thanksgiving and goes until January 1st.
We got to see a video presentation about it. Then Sister Case and I lived our dream. Ever since we were companions last year we wanted to sing "You're Here" by Francesca Batistelli but we didn't know how it would ever be possible. What if we weren't in the same zone (which we aren't) or what if we are even near each other. Well, Heavenly Father is aware of us. She is a Sister Training Leader this transfer (I don't think I mentioned that but my little child is a STL) and we were asked to sing at this meeting. The timing and situation could not have been more perfect. The spirit was so strong and it was the perfect way to kick off the Holiday Season. Elder Martino has inspired me to work smarter than I have ever before. "Now should be the most productive time of my mission."
Look Daddy!
I am so grateful first and foremost to my Heavenly Father for all he has given me. I am grateful to my Savior who gave everything to follow our Father. I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary at this time in NOM. This is Christ's true church on the earth and I know that will all my heart.
Hugs not Drugs! Sister Wrubell and Sister Smith, we all came out together.

My favorite saying from the Book of Mormon as of late is, "Repent and become..." 3 Nephi 11:37

It is not enough to just ask for forgiveness but we must 'do' more in order to 'become' more. We are all destined for greatness! I know that is true because we are glorious children of God. I love you all to eternity.

Sister Dumont

Monday, November 17, 2014


This week was super busy and we taught more lessons than I ever have being a STL so miracles still abound. Can I just say that I am super excited for the moment when I get to sit down and do some Family History? 

Ashely is progressing really well. She is getting a little nervous especially as her baptismal date inches closer. She has such a testimony but she doesn't feel like she feels the spirit. We will be working with her a lot these next few weeks :) The Young women are putting their arms around her so that helps a bunch. 

The highlight of the week was Mission Tour. Elder and Sister Brent H. Nielson came and spoke to us. There was so much good that came from that! I learned that I need to learn how to better used the enabling power of the Atonement daily. Friday was a day full of meetings. We had a leadership one with Elder Nielson before actual mission tour. Then after that we had a meeting with all the leaders in the mission. The church is true! It is meant to bless our lives, not restrict them. Obedience is so crucial. If we don't obey, the ground will always come! (meaning if you jump off a building, according to laws of gravity you'll hit the ground. The same is true with disobedience.)

I'm sorry I don't have much to say except I love you all! 

Sister Dumont

Monday, November 10, 2014


I can't believe's November!
You better believe that Sister Jones and I have been rocking out to our 1 Christmas cd.....hmmmm we better get some more. haha 

This week was oh so good. We taught more lessons than we have the last 6 weeks. There is a lot of progress happening in P*money. We set Laura for baptism. We found her on splits 2 weeks ago when i was with sister Lewellen. She is her neighbor and she thought to go give her some pumpkin bread so we did. We also loaned her a Book of Mormon and she accepted for us to come back. She already has a testimony and is excited to progress towards baptism. 

Ashley is doing well. She is just the sweetest little thing. She is receiving opposition from friends at school so we are really trying to keep daily contact with her and help her to feel of God's love for her. 

We had an awesome MLC this week and I got to have a sleep over with Sister Smith! It was so much great :) 

So we do service each Thursday at a thrift store called Under His Wings and it is all volunteer run by people from different churches around Plattsmouth. It is literally my favorite part of the week! The ladies there are amazing :) Members from our ward also volunteer there which is really neat. 

This week is our mission tour. Elder Brent H. Nielson will be coming to enlighten us. I am so excited! 

I love you all so much :) I would encourage you all to look up the talk "The Atonement and our journey through mortality" by Elder Bednar. CHANGED. MY. LIFE. 

Have a great week! 

Sister Dumont

Monday, November 3, 2014

So much to say!!!

So little time!

Well I'll start with Monday. We had 2 of the sisters who were going home stay with us on Monday. Sister Jones went on splits with the RS pres and I took the 2 sisters (May and Youngberg) to the O'Briens (part member family). The Mom is a member but nobody else is so we have been teaching her 16 yo daughter, Ashley. Well, those sister missionaries sure are powerful teachers. We taught the Restoration and invited her to be baptized and she accepted. Yay! 

Tuesday was D day. We took The sisters to the mission office for their interviews and it just so happened that Sister Call was coming in around that time as well. That was a huge tender mercy to be able to talk to her for a little bit! She is now Lani :) haha anyway, We got to go to the Departing Testimonies so that was a miracle. My trainer, Sister Gomez, Sister Schrader, Sister Call, Sister Youngberg, Sister May...all left :( Good luck to then in all they do! I look up to those sisters so stinking much. We were in a trio for a few days because Sister Weber's comp left so that was exciting. 

Lani, write me!
Halloween was good! We ended up having 2 dinners so that was a little wild. We played a game at the O'Brien's called pigs in a trough and you have to eat jello through a was so fun! 

We have a new family we are teaching and I'm convinced they're really members but they are just pulling our legs. Like literally. Names: Josh and Courtney Wiezorek with Parker (3 year old daughter). Court played soccer at Iowa Western with a bunch of members of the church. Also I think her coach was a member. They are so humble and ready to learn. It's so exciting :) They invited us for supper this week and said they're looking for a church...OH MY HEART! 

I'm in Plattsmouth with Sister Jones for another transfer. I actually get to kill her off....still brainstorming the best way :) haha 

I love you all! Keep reading the Book of Mormon

Sister Dumont

We sent off letters to Ashley on her bday. This year nothing crazy or life threatening happened :) 

LANI!!!! (write me! ;)