Monday, November 25, 2013

My Uke Brings All the Gators to the Church!

(Put the subject line to the tune of Milkshake)

Aloha y'all!
So at this moment I am sitting in the library listening to music.....well the guy next to me is playing games and has his headphones up really loud. I am actually trying really hard to not laugh because he is singing along and dancing....he's great! Tender mercy from Heavenly Father for sure!

So for FHE last Monday the elders were in charge. They had us play jeopardy (scripture edition) and it was so hard!!! I think it was more like embarrass the missionaries night. HaHa! They had the most random questions on there. It was fun though. Sister Case and I were on opposite teams and we got a little more than competitive. We still love each other though :) HaHa!

Tuesday was Sister Case's birthday! Well this whole month is her birthday but the actual day was on Tuesday, the 19th. Sister Gomez and Vogel came down for exchanges Monday night. I knew they were coming but Sister Case didn't so she was pleasantly surprised when they walked into our study area. The birthday fairy decorated her study space so when she woke up it was all birthdayyyy! The sad part is that I didnt' get to spend much time with her because we were on exchanges but it was a good day for everyone! Lots of miracles happened, which is normal for exchanges. I wish we could do them every day! The Spicers had all 4 of us sisters over for birthday dinner. We had such a blast and took lots of photos. (speaking of....sorry i'm not very good at sending photos home. I will try harder). Sister Vogel caught a good one of Me and Sister Case after I put the candles in the cake.

On Thursday it was the coldest it has ever been. The Christmas Stroll was this day so we bundled up. At one point we were waiting for one of our investigators in the car so we decided to start a video diary! Best idea ever, I'm not sure why we didn't do this sooner! We are pretty funny if I do say so myself! One day I will grace y'all with seeing these videos.

We ended up going to the Christmas Stroll around 6:00. At this point it was SNOWING! Excuse me....we didn't say this could happen! It was so stinking cold! For enrichment night we made gingerbread houses! The tradition continues :) Sister case had never decorated one so I showed her the ropes :) 2 of our investigators and 1 less active member came! It was a miracle!

Friday was our BFF day! Reason being...the date was 11/22 right? well My favorite number is 11 and Sister Case's favorite number is 22 ergo....OUR BFF DAY :) We gave an investigator a BOM on Friday and 24 hours later she was in MOSIAH 27...are you kidding?! She is amazing. She loves it! We can't wait to continue teaching her! I am sorry this is so short but we are short on always.

Shout out to Aubrey, Locked out of Heaven is playing in the guys ears right now...thought of you :) Anyway, I love you all so much :) This week is transfers so please bless Sister Case and I stay together....chances are probably not likely but we can always hope right? I will let y'all know what ends up happening in next week's e-mail. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU! I truly am so grateful for all the amazing people I have in my life! If you decide to send me a letter this week make sure you send it to the mission home which is

11027 Martha Street
Omaha, NE 68144

Have the best week ever! And don't forget to P.U.S.H (pray until something happens)!


Love always,
Sister Dumont

Monday, November 18, 2013

We Have Dancing Ladies

Gaul y'all,

Time sure flies when you serve with your best friend! Seriously, Sister Case is the best! Don't mind this first little bit being about how much I love her. Also pardon the lack of photos. She takes the photos and I just get them from her so they are to come. So confession session time, Sister Case and I cry at least once a day because of how awesome our companionship is. D-day (transfers) are coming up next week (the day after thanksgiving) and we are nervous that one of us will leave so we cry daily. 

Elder Tatafu gave us a CD and on it is "When somebody loves you," the song on Toy Story 2 when Jessie sings to her friend. He said he put that on there especially for us. It is our song! Ha, Ha! We're so crazy!

Also this shout-out is actually an Anti-shout out to Weston because I haven't heard from him....ever and I thought we were best friends so.....I hope to hear from you! Here's my address:
11027 Martha Street
Omaha, NE 68144

I would love to hear from any and all of you because I love hearing how everyone is!

So this week was incredible! On Tuesday we did a lesson with the Elders at Georgettes. Elder Tatafu made fried oreos and we did the lesson on Repentance using a magic trick. One day I'll send y'all a video of it because....well you just gotta see it! GJet was freaking out trying to figure out how the trick worked and I just told her it was because she had really strong faith! haha

Wednesday was Zone training in Lincoln. Elder Cotrell is finished after this transfer so he gave his last training and it was incredible! He shared the parable of the push-up...look it up because it is a parable about the atonement. I got to say goodbye to Sister Vance for the third time (She was my STL first transfer and basically I hope to be the missionary she is one day). I apparently was really emotional because I just cried to her....why am I crying? She's the one leaving the mission and having to go back to real life. She offered a prayer for us and gave me the best counsel I have ever received.
Mom, I'm gonna have to have her come visit you when she gets home because she is awesome!

We got to do our nails with an investigator so that was awesome because we all needed it. We had dinner at the Shaw's and their daughter Evelyn (4) was telling me how she is learning all the ABCs so silly Sister Dumont said, "Well, can you say all of them?" So she says, "All of them." Such a literal little bugger! We were laughing so hard.

On Thursday we were so was awesome! So first of all, us and the elders were practicing for a performance at a lunch for the nursing home volunteers and we were just messing around with songs and we came up with a BOMB version of 'Search, Ponder, and Pray.' I promise I will send y'all videos soon of our singing. It is so much fun to be with such a musical bunch of missionaries.

Then we went to a trailer park with Brother Gaunt (87 year old). He wants to serve a mission so bad but his wife passed away a few years ago so he can't serve. Well instead, he goes "Canvasing" aka tracting by himself and invites people to church. He gives us at least 1 referral a week. Well he wanted to meet us up there so we could visit some of those referrals and go canvasing and can I just tell you how awesome that was? He is the funniest old man I have ever known. At first people weren't answering the door so he would say things like, 'if they don't answer I'm going to jump off this deck.....okay here I go!' and then he would yell, "We're just trying to save ya, open the door!" We started heading back and ran into a family he has been working with. We started talking to them (they are awesome) and then their neighbor came by so she stopped and talked to us. Sister Case went to give her a hug and she backed away scared because she thought she was going to do something to her to 'save her' haha. We asked if we could all say a prayer before we left and this lady goes and stops a car driving by and makes them come pray with us. So there's 9 of us standing in a circle ready to pray and someone goes, well we should hold we do. We straight up had a prayer circle consisting of 9 people. When we got in the car to leave we started laughing so hard! It was awesome. 

Friday we performed at a lunch for the volunteers of the Golden Living Center. Sister Case and I sang a song from EFY 2013 on the uke. In the song there is clapping in the background so Sister Case decided to try it, didn't go too well and we all just ended up laughing the last half of the song. It was okay because the audience was laughing along with us. Afterward some people came up and asked for our we're gonna have to make one. Ha, Ha! We just love singing.

Saturday we took GJet and her kids to the trail center. It was so much fun and the spirit was so strong. Then we had a movie night with Sylvia and Emily and Cree. We had dinner, made cheesecake, and watched the Testaments! It was so much fun.

Sunday was great! We sang, "Search, Ponder, and Pray" in nursery. I love this branch so much! My Spiritual thought is also a shout out to my one and only BAI BONES JR. But it applies to everyone, you just might not think it is as funny as we do: So I was reading in 2 Nephi 9:51 and it talks about how we should FEAST upon the words of Christ because those are the things that we can take with us in the next life. Then it says, "...let your soul delight in fatness," So naturally the first thing that came to my head was 'HIGH FIVE FOR FATTIES!' It is a good thing to be fat from feasting on the words of Christ so let us all become Fatties in the Word! But really! We should feast upon His word just as we feast upon real food....and for me that is a lot...................

Well, until we meet again! I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers and love and support! Keep it coming :) This work is so amazing. Be safe and stay warm :)

Love Always,
Sister Dumont :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Together Forrrrevvverrrrr

Howdy Y'all! (This cowgirl companion is sure rubbin off on me),

This week was absolutely incredible. Gaul I sure love being a missionary. So first of all I need to make a shout out to my Lil' Sis Joshlyn for being officially engaged! And to all of my friends who are pregnant! That just straight up blows my mind. Everyone is getting married/having babies and I'm just over here like, "I'm saving some souls!" But really, congrats to all y'all. Also IT'S MY HALF BIRTHDAY! That's right, I am now 21.5 years old. That is crazy. Also yesterday was my 4 month mission birthday. Crazy! KyBear, how is the countdown lookin?

So Monday....For FHE last week S. Peschke gave a lesson on how hymns bring the spirit. S. Case and I got to sing I Know That My Redeemer Lives/I Feel My Saviors Love. It was so great and we were able to help with the lesson so that was happy. One of the Elders is trying to learn how to cook so he made key lime pie and it was SO SO good.

On Tuesday we went to our 11 year old investigators basketball game at the middle school. Afterwards her mom, Sylvia, invited us over for dinner. She is the sweetest thing. We went and visited a less-active family who is working on getting to the temple. Their three year old daughter, Kaylee Blue, is the funniest thing. She reminds me so much of Lily! She was dancing and she goes, "I'm feeling jiggety." We decided that is what we are going to say when we started getting tired. I'm getting jiggety! 

Wednesday we had district meeting in Seward and it was just what I needed to hear. We talked about how we can have more meaningful prayers and how we can help our investigators do the same. We had dinner at the Reeves and Sylvia came along and then we taught the Law of Chastity. Thank goodness Sister Reeves was there because us little girls didn't know how to answer some of her questions and it was just a whole lot less awkward. haha Oh the joys of being a missionary!

OOOOhhhh shout out to my Baby Brother, Chomper aka Zane for being so awesome! Love you buddy!

Thursday was a busy busy day. We had appointments and helped people move and dig holes for a fence and we changed our outfit like 3 times from skirts to pants to skirts and back a few more times. We were doing some service tracting, which is where we tract in our service clothes and ask if there is anything we can do to provide service for them. People are a lot less mean when we're not dressed up in skirts. haha They're not mean, they just don't always want to listen to us. We ran into this sweet old lady, Twila, and she just kept telling us how good looking we are! Ha, ha, S case and I are getting really good at digging post holes so we're gonna start a business....not really. It's just a great stress relief. Could someone please explain to me what chicken gizzards are? K thanks!

Friday we had an appointment with Miguel before he headed into Omaha for the Marine Ball. We had our lesson at McDonalds and had breakfast there. I LOVE MCDONALDS BREAKFAST! there was a bunch of older people there for breakfast so we decided that will be our breakfast club when we are older. Sister Case and I were planning and decided to teach the plan of salvation to some investigators. We remembered we had a video called Together Forever that was all about the plan of salvation so we decided to watch it and see if we could use it in our lesson. Neither of us had ever seen it before but all I had heard from Sister Gomez is that it is a cheesy 80's film (which is kinda true). We started watching it and the more and more we saw the better it got. It is a bunch of different videos and examples of how the Plan of Salvation blesses us. At the end it plays "We Can Be Together Forever Someday," and I just lost it. That song reminds me of Ashley and then our Garn family video so I was thinking about grandpa. Sister Case and I sat on my bed crying for a good 15 minutes. Then we started laughing at how funny that was that this moving touched us so much. Needless to say it is our new favorite movie so if you haven't seen it I HIGHLY recommend it. Just make sure you have some tissues, K?

We finally had another appointment with our investigator Joan after like 3 weeks! She is set to be baptized in Feb. but she is so totally ready now! It is nuts how ready she is. We talked about baptism and confirmation and she knew everything! Gaul we are going to move up her date! We have to. 

Saturday we went and got our oil changed and tires rotated. The elders came and gave our investigator, GJet's, son a blessing because he has epilepsy and they are trying to figure out If he needs surgery or not and they were just stressing out about it. We think the blessing helped calm them down. Sylvia invited us over to make Sister Linquists recipe of carrot pineapple cake. IT IS SO GOOD! I crave it all the time. luckily Sylvia sent us home with some!

Sunday the Spicers had us over for lunch to celebrate my half birthday. She made me a cake and everything! Gaul they're great! We did some planning and Then we had dinner at the Bishops. We felt prompted to stop at a less active member's house and we are so glad we did. We had an awesome talk about obedience and she figured out what she needs to do to get her life back in order!

So 2 nephi 4 is awesome and Nephi reminded me of myself. His dad just died and he is having a pity party for himself saying how awful he is and how he isn't perfect and won't be but then he snaps out of it and realizes how blessed he is. We are all so blessed and have so much more to be thankful for than to be sad or down about. My challenge to each of you this week is to read this chapter and strive always to be grateful, even through the trials! Heavenly Father loves each of you so so much! I hope to hear from y'all this week! Keep on keepin on! I love you all so much :)

Love always and forever,

Sister Dumont!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello My Loves!

Where does the time go? I am quickly approaching my 4 month mark. Are you serious? The time sure does fly when you are having fun! This week was quite the crazy one. 

Last Monday we were supposed to go down to Grand Island and spend the night because we had Zone Conference the next day. We were going to do our Winter shopping that we needed to and get that out of the way. Well while we were doing e-mails we found out that we couldn't go and we were kinda sad because, ya know, we want to stay warm and stuff. We kinda had a pity party and just partied at home instead. I borrowed a uke from a member in our branch and figured out how to play a song from the EFY cd so that video will be coming. (P.S. Dad, what is the best way to send a video to y'all?)

This is sister Vance aka my Hero! She goes home the day after Thanksgiving :(
Tuesday was Zone Conference. It was my first real ZC because the last one was actually a mission tour because a member of the 70 was here. It was awesome! We went fasting and with inspired questions and the first 2 trainings answered my questions. The church is true! I got to see a lot of my MTC family so that was a tender mercy for sure! Sister Case got to meet Sister Page for the first time. S. Page might be a little jealous but what can ya do :) haha.

   Sister Page :)
Wednesday Vickie (less-active) came out with us on team ups. She was recently called as a branch missionary. We had a blast and she is loving missionary work. The Chili Cook-off and trunk or treat was that night. Sister Case and I switched nametags for our costume. Then we threw on some mustaches and then a wig and hat (pictures to follow) There were 145 people shoved in our little branch building. It was awesome! Now we just hope we can get that many people at church so we can get a building extension.

Halloween was awesome! I woke up feeling sicker than a dog so that was rough. We got to help out at a nursing home with some of the activities for the day. They ended up making us sing some songs so that was a blast. We had to be in the house by 6:00 but we went Trick or Treating with Sylvia, Emily, and Cree. Once we got home we planned for the next day and then I caught up on my journal and knocked out about an hour early because I didn't feel well at all. Friday was possibly the craziest day of my life and I am not even exaggerating! Are ya ready?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER ASHLEY! So the day started out normal. We had an appointment with GJet at 9:00. She decided to quit school and just work. She is on disc 3 of the BOM so we read a little bit with her. We did some weekly planning and then by the time we finished we had an appointment with Dalia and Yara. The Linquists came with us and we taught the restoration. The spirit was so stinking strong! We went grocery shopping for Sister Martens and while we were there we picked up some pink balloons. Sister Case was so cute and joined me in writing a message to send to Ashley. We sent off our cute messages and then dropped the groceries off. This is where it gets crazy......

So we had a dinner appointment with some of our investigators, a husband and wife. These Gators call us their kids and they just love having us over. We get there and the music is playing so stinking loud. We knock on the door and the man answers. We asked where his wife was and he said she was upstairs so we figured she would be coming down. We quickly realized that we were not going to be eating with them. He insisted that we sit down and I could tell that something was wrong because he was not acting like himself. He told us that he was drunk. He said, "you never talk about your parents." 

So we both pull out our photos of our families. And he looks at them. I noticed a gun on the table and got a little nervous but I didn't think much of it. He told us that we needed to tell our parents we love them every day. His brother-in-law was murdered a few weeks ago and he told us that when he gets of parole in 6 days (back child support) that he is going to Oklahoma. Trying to understand what he was getting at I asked him why. He then picked up his gun, cocked it, and set it back on the table. At that point I knew we needed to leave but I also knew we needed to not to anything too suddenly. We saw a big ole pocket knife on the floor. Long story short. He never threatened us but we were very scared that if we did anything to upset him that he might have. He said a prayer and we quickly left. His wife never came down so in all honesty we don't know where she was if she was even there. As soon as we drove a way we broke down! That was the scariest things I have ever experienced.

Sister Case and I at the Temple
We know that our Guardian Angels were there protecting us. :) Don't worry Mom and Dad! All is well :)

Sorry I run out of time every time! I want to challenge all of you to pray for a missionary experience every day! I love you all so much :)

Love Always,

Sister Dumont