Monday, December 29, 2014

I love Christmas on the Mishmas!

We had a great week! We started off in Lincoln with an exchange. On Preparation day we took some nice Christmas photos!

​Ugly sweaters! Naturally, I grabbed the cat :)

We got to go caroling and gave out "He is the Gift" was too much fun!

We rushed home from Lincoln for an appointment we had made with a member. He is currently dating someone who has been coming to church for quite a few months now and guess what? She accepted to take the lessons! CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! We have our first lesson with her tonight :) Prayers!

Zone trainings were this week so we trained in 2 out of the 3 for sisters in our stewardship. Our zone was on Christmas eve day and our stake president paid for all of us to have lunch at Golden Corral! Yummy! Then we had supper 2 hours later with the Bucksbees....yikes, that's a lot of food. On top of that, my sweet companion wasn't feeling very well and didn't really have an appetite.

Christmas was excellent! We had brunch and supper with families in Fairview and visited people in Plattsmouth ward who didn't have families in town this year! I am very grateful for the members who take such great care of us!

This was our last Sunday of 6 hours of church...It's kind of a relief because I can't sit still and focus that long! :) Fairview starts at 9:00 and Pmouth at 10:00 so we'll see what happens there.

I love you all! Never forget that you are loved by me and more importantly, your Heavenly Father!

Sister Dumont

Monday, December 22, 2014

Does Anyone Know How to Slow Time?

This transfer is so busy and it is a bit freaky! 

This past week was a great one! We are just trucking along, getting to know the members in Fairview ward. There is a one, Brother Brown, whom Sister Call taught. He is possibly the cutest thing i've ever seen. He's in his....I won't disclose this information but he's older. We do FHE with him and his Daughter (not a member) and some other members in the ward and it is awesome! 

We were blessed to go to the trail center with Ashley on Wednesday as the youth were doing baptisms for the dead. You won't believe who gave our tour....none other than my Bestie, Sister Case :)  

We dressed up.....

It was super duper tender mercy and Obvi we had a great time! 

Also the next day was Christmas zone conference. I was reminded of how much Heavenly Father is aware of me. Last Week, I set a transfer goal of NO FEAR, and if you can believe it, that's what a portion of our Zone Conference was about. Sister Mc and I just looked at each other in amazement! And guess what? so we had a testimony meeting at the end and this elder got up and said, "fear is stupid!" I love it! Although i don't like the S word...i'll have to come up with a substitute! But it's true. If we really understand the enabling power of the Atonement, we wouldn't have fear. I remember when Elder Neilson was here....a month ago... and he told us that the Apostles have no fear. ZERO, Zip zilch! Wanna know why? Because of faith! So there's the answer. If we can increase our faith, we will decrease our fear! 

We had someone set for baptism for 2 days....and then she dropped us....AWE MAN! We're working to find someone...PRAY! 

I love you all and I hope you have a very merry Christmas and remember the reason for the season! 

Sister Dumont

Monday, December 15, 2014

Wow! Flattsmouth

So transfers happened. Can I just say, don't ever have a companion go home. I still had companions but they were temporary and super not the same as having my own. I AM SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE MY OWN :) haha Introducing......

Sister McFadgen! She hails from the land of Ayr Canada (near Toronto). She was trained by my dearly beloved, Sister Smith so you know she's good :) We are so excited to work in our 2 areas. You heard right folks, we are assigned to Fairview and still live and work in Plattsmouth as well so double duty. I'm afraid this transfer is going to go by so fast with all of the festivites but we are going to enjoy every second of it! Sister McFee is such a hard worker and we just laugh ALL THE TIME! Mostly about funny things Sister Smith did when we were companions. There is so much to be done! 

I was reading in the Epistle of Moroni to Pahoran and he exhorts Pahoran to be "repent of that which ye have done, and begin to be up and doing" Alma 60:24. So that is my challenge to you. Repent and move on. Don't stand idly looking on but do ALL in your power to, day by day, become more like the Savior. I love you all and will let you in on more about the areas when we know ourselves....hahaha we're a little in limbo! 

Have a great week! 

Sister Dumont

Monday, December 8, 2014

Great Week!

This week has been so good! 

Ashley got baptized on Saturday. The service was so beautiful and a lot of her family came who are either less-active or non-members. Ashley looked so happy :) We got to teach young women's yesterday and it was all about inviting others unto Christ. It was fun to hear ways how the YW are sharing the gospel, including Ashley. 

My Sister Jones leaves me tomorrow and for Utah on Wednesday! My fate for the 9th inning will be know on Thursday. I pray I stay in Plattsmouth but where ever Heavenly Father needs me, I'll go! 

I totally lost track of time so I am so sorry! We just finished the Book of Mormon as a mission today in preparation for the Christmas zone conference. We focused on every time the godhead, atonement or heart is mentioned. TALK ABOUT THE WHOLE BOOK OF MORMON! It's everywhere and it's all connected!  The purpose is to change our hearts! We are to be changed from our natural state into what our Heavenly Father wants us to be! I love you all so much! Have a great week! :)

Sister Dumont

Monday, December 1, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I love it so much! I am extremely grateful to have another Christmas in the mission field (although my nephews think it's a rip off. haha) 

Well, hello Santa!
Lots of good things going on. 

We've been doing service at the library the last few weeks helping them to prepare for a Christmas party. This past week we were blessed to cut holes in the back of milk jugs........GROSS! They were all donated for a craft they'll be doing but some people just didn't rinse them out very well. Sister Jones and I only gagged a few times...

Ashely passed her interview so she will for sure be getting baptized on Saturday at 11:00. OH HAPPY DAY! Plattsmouth ward has not seen a convert baptism in at least a year and a half so everyone is pretty excited. 

Raquel Meneses says, "Hello!" 

Thanksgiving was excellent. We had supper at the Sticht's house. It was wild but good. In the morning we had district meeting and then we ate a lot of know how that goes. We visited Jiana Goto and Sister Meisinger and naturally she gave us pie...Sister Jones almost cried! 

Hey, have y'all checked out yet? Do it. Also, #sharethegift and if you get the Ensign give out those 9 pass-along cards! 

On Friday we were on exchanges and it was down to the last hour, like it always is, and Sister Hirro and I tried a few potential investigators. We were led by the Spirit from house to house and nothing was happening. Finally we tried a member family who had recently moved in but they were not there, but their neighbors were outside in their garage (it was like 50 degrees). We went over to give them a pass-along card (He is the Gift) and it turns out they've met with missionaries before. We asked if they needed some help decorating (that's what they were doing) and they said yes. Nobody ever accepts help. They told us to come back anytime. 

The same thing happened with Sister Jones and I the next day. We were led to an investigators house but stopped on Main Street cause it was Christmas on main! DUh! How come nobody told us?! We passed out 30 cards that night and got some nice photos. 

Christmas on Main

I love you all. Keep climbing those mountains.

Sister Dumont

Dad, make sure Hailey and Lily see my Anna and Elsa photo

Courtney is Frozen, well not yet but certainly within a couple of weeks. ;)