Monday, October 27, 2014


Sometimes I just can't speak english. Hence the title of the email today. I think I will now call Pmoney splattsmouth (pronounced splatts mouth). Sister Jones and I decided it will be our band name (like smash mouth or whatever).

This week has been an exhausting one. Straight up I don't think I've been this tired my whole mission...except that is what I think of everyday when I get up. But really this time :) 

We saw many mighty miracles this week. We found 2 new investigators, which is huge! We're now up to like 6 :) I love seeing growth and progression, it's possibly my favorite thing ever. 

I GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 9 MONTHS. Can you believe it? Oh I've never been so happy. I also will never ever ever go that long with out entering my Father's house again. How rude of me! It was reiterated to me (by the spirit) that this gospel is one of progression; line upon line. Even the world was created line upon line! Just saying :) 
I love to see the temple with my Sammie Schra Schra

So cool story. There is a sister in our stewardship who I went to SUU with. We had several classes together when she was still majoring in Pre-nursing. Long story short. We both ended up here on the same mission and didn't even know it until half way through. Well, we got to go on exchanges this past weekend and the best thing ever happened. One of the many miracles we saw was we were going to loan a Book of Mormon. The first house we knocked on a man answered and said his wife was from Utah. We asked where from and he said Cedar City. The crazy thing is that both Sister Huss and I went to SUU and are obsessed with Cedar. He said to come back when she is home and accepted a BOM. I want to be there so bad when they meet her. Like, what are the chances? I LOVE MY LIFE! 

SUU Buds

Something I learned recently is that to Endure to the End simply takes having a spiritual experience everyday. That's's simple. Now, hopefully that comes at least from praying and reading the Book of Mormon. I love that sacred book so much. There was someone on exchanges who was really talking badly about it. In a previous life I probably would have hit someone. haha That's not exactly Christ-Like so I didn't. 

I hope y'all have a great Halloween. And remember...I LOVE YOU! 

Sister Dumont 

Duck Dynasty showed up to our Chili-cook off (I wore my Elder Dumont nametag btw)

Monday, October 20, 2014

This is His Work!

Howdy Y'all!

Well we went to Vala's Pumpkin patch last week. It was a big deal. A bit rainy but super fun. There is so much to do there and so little time. *Another shout out to Stacey Vance for taking us* We all had a blasty blast!

Not a ton happened in our area this week but we got to go on exchanges Thursday-Saturday and we saw a lot of miracles in Lincoln. The biggest miracle of all is that I got to finally be companions with Sister Youngberg...for about 4 hours. Sister Youngberg was Kaela Baucom's roommate in college. She trained Sister Page and basically she is the most meek and powerful teacher I know. I have looked up to her my whole mission (probably because she trained Sister Page...hard work ;) just kidding Sissy) but i am so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from her those few hours. She goes home in 9 days (YIKES). She taught me a few valuable lessons: 1. "Never apologize for what you bring to the table" this is a quote from Sister Zachary in the Fairview ward. She usually means food but it also applies to the bigger picture. 2. This is the Lord's work. As we do all in our power we will the works that only he can do. (I would put a photo but my comp hijacked my camera).

We are still trucking along here in "The Mouth" as Karen calls it. I am learning a lot about patience and trusting in the Lord :) We were both sickly this weekend so that's been fun....

I love you all! Keep the faith and trust in your Heavenly Father!

Sister Dumont

Monday, October 13, 2014

Top 10 Safest Cities to Live in Nebraska

If that doesn't make you feel good, I don't know what will :) 

Last Monday after going to Old Market (a sweet place in downtown Omaha with lots of cute fun stores. I will be taking you, my fam, here someday). This one candy store had Pumpkin pie fudge that tasted just like pumpkin pie minus the crust. Are you serious? It was so stinking good! Then we had some ice cream at this bomb place called Ted and Wally's and lo and behold Sister Case and her comp came too :) *Another shout out to Stace Vance for setting it up* Mom and Dad, I got a scoop of Haupia, which is Hawaiian coconut pudding ice cream, in honor of your trip to Hawaii. 

(I don't know if she does but I still wear my 'Sisters Forever' necklace EVERY DAY :)

We also went to a city council meeting to introduce ourselves and let them know we're here to help but they just breezed over us....awkward. That is where we found out we're in the top 10 though so that's good. We got to meet the Mayor afterward and he apologized. haha His name is Mayor Bowman...probably related :) 

We had interviews with President Weston. Gaul, I just love him! He is always led by the spirit and knows just how to help me. 

Fast forward to Friday! We got to go see "Meet the Mormons" with a less-active from the ward. It was SOOO WEIRD walking into the movie theatres. I felt sick to my stomach. It was so funny. On the way there Jianna goes, "Did your Mission President tell you to go to this movie" (meaning permission) and Sister Jones says, "No, we just thought it was a good idea." hahahahaha She looked at us like 'ooooohhh rebels' and we quickly told her that we did have permission. I don't miss movies! Isn't that great! Only ones that I can feel the spirit in and MTMs was definitely one of those. Take your friends! Or just go yourself :) 

So I think I told you about the Mott Family last week maybe? Well if not it's a mom and 2 sets of twins, 16 yo and 10 yos. Cutest family ever! Well one of the 16 yos committed to be baptized and 5 of them came to church yesterday :) 

Well I love you all so much :) Keep the faith and don't ever give up! Have a great week!

Love Sister Dumont

Monday, October 6, 2014

All Good in the Hood!


Who loved conference? Raise your hand! I hope that was all of you! If you didn't watch it....JUST DO IT :)

Well let me tell you a little about my week:

Tuesday I was on exchanges with none other than my Sister Schrader! Remember her from the beginning of my mish? Aka best friend :) We were in Plattsmouth and we just tore it up. We only had 4 lessons but that is more than I've had in one day since I've been here. Unfortunately, she goes home at the end of this transfer but it was really neat to talk with her about her fears and then to see her realize there's no need to fear because she has every tool she needs to stay on the right path. We found a new investigator, Tina, who recently lost her daughter to Pulmonary Hypertension. We are excited to teach her the Plan of Salvation tomorrow. Also we met *Sister Vance* at CHICK-FIL-A 3 of my favorite things! Sister Vance, Sister Schrader, and my number 1 with a cookies and cream shake! We had a super spiritual lesson about God's love for us individually. 

Wednesday into Thursday I was on an exchange in the Fairview area with Sister Hirro, who is a Temple Square sister in our mission for 2 transfers. She is flippin' awesome! She is the most positive person I know, not to mention she is from the Philippines. Wednesday we walked probably 3 miles and finally found their investigator we were searching for. Then Thursday we got to Bike!!!! OH my goodness it was so fun:) She hadn't biked since.....a long time so it took double the time to get anywhere but that's okay. JOY IN THE JOURNEY! A plus side, we found a potential investigator for Sister Jones and I. We were riding back home and Sister Hirro stopped to save a Caterpillar (cute right?) and this man walked by. Well we decided we needed to talk to him but he was far ahead, then we remembered we were on bikes so we caught up the him (more like chased and followed him) until we could give him a BOM. 


I have been missing her and Kearney so much this week, it's bad! But I remembered something wise old *Sister Vance* said to me: "When God takes something good away, he always gives us something better." This always reminds me of the scripture in 
2 Nephi 10:20 And now, my beloved brethren, seeing that our merciful God has given us so great knowledge concerning these things, let us remember him, and lay aside our sins, and not hang down our heads, for we are not cast off; nevertheless, we have been driven out of the land of our inheritance; but we have been led to a better land, for the Lord has made the sea our path, and we are upon an isle of the sea.

I love you all so much! Always remember the tender mercies of the Lord, even when you can't see the big picture. He always has something better in store for you :)