Monday, July 28, 2014

Family History

On Tuesday I read the talk "Live True to the Faith" from General conference and it prompted me to read some conversion stories I had printed a few months ago. I read Warren Ford Reynolds and he bore a powerful testimony at the end of his life "Warren Ford Reynolds' last advice to his family was to tell them to carry on and remain steadfast in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for that is the only way that we can all be together forever.  Work hard in finding and redeeming your ancestors who are anxiously waiting for you to do their work for them.  Get the spirit of genealogy and do all in your power to further it.  Time is short and there are many many of your ancestors who are waiting for the time to come when their work is done in the temples; something that they cannot do for themselves.  To all of the family who have served missions, we are grateful, for had it not been for the missionaries who brought the message of the Church to me things would have been different.  To you who have lost loved ones, do not grieve for they are all right and are working as hard on their side of the veil as they did when they were with you.  Warren died July 10th 1900 in South Cottonwood and was buried in the Murray City Cemetery." How cool is that! Plus, I don't think there is a coincidence that I entered the MTC the same day he passed away 113 years previous! I felt really connected to him this week!

Sister Snider asked us what we wanted this week for dinner and we said Ice she delivered. Haha after our chili and cornbread she busted out 6 cartons of Ice cream! YUMMY!

Sister Smith and I have been in Ne for one year (Thursday 24th) so we celebrated. 

Karen is officially getting baptized on August 21st!!! She is doing so well and has overcome many trials of her faith. 

It was kinda a slowish last couple of days but this week was a great faith building for us here in Kearney. We are having good experiences and will be able to share with the sisters in our stewardship. One in particular: we didn't have a new investigator Sunday night at 8:50. We were on a way home from a member's home who lived about 5 miles out of town. We couldn't tell if we would have time still or not to try and find someone. Well, Heavenly Father knew we had someone to find and so he made it possible for us to hit EVERY SINGLE GREEN LIGHT. This NEVER happens. We wanted to try a potential but she said evenings weren't good so we decided to go to her apartment complex and knock on one door. We had 3 minutes left and as we pulled in, we saw a man driving a remote control car. We looked at each other and said, "That's the one!" We were able to teach about how families can be together forever, gave him a Book of Mormon, and prayed with him. He said we could come back and teach his family on Thursday! 

I love you all so much! Do your family history and learn from your ancestors! Have a great week!

Love Sister D

Monday, July 21, 2014

It's the Good Life!


It's not always the easiest or the most fun. We're

not always smiling and happy but......IT IS SO WORTH IT!

Here are some highlights from the week:

We played volleyball last pday and it rocked! I love it and miss playing sports a lot. Luckily, the missionaries here like to play :) 

Tuesday night Karen and John had us over for dinner. Now I'm not sure if I've said this before but they are big fishers. Like, they are OBSESSED with fishing and eating it and all things fish. So they had us over for a Fish Fry and boy was it good. I've never really been a big fish fan but this was delicious! We had such a great time getting to know John more. We shared our stories of why we came on a mission with them and it was fun to hear their reactions. 

Us 4 Kearney sisters sang at zone conference. I played guitar (borrowed from Brother Price) and we sang "Did you think to pray?" it was so much fun and I love singing with these sisters. 

A less-active family showed up to church last week and we met with them on Wednesday. They have a 9 year old daughter who hasn't been baptized but wants to so we are going to start teaching her :) Yay!

Jose (la member) invited his friend over for a lesson we were going to teach him. She became a new investigator and we are beginning to teach her. She knows and believes a lot of the same things we do :) 

Saturday was the pioneer day activity and we got to sing and play dressed as pioneers :) iT was a grand old time. Then Sister Smith and I went to the Robinson's farm to help them in their garden. Their cousin from Denmark is there for a year and so we got to know her better and she helped us shovel manure. She taught us some Danish...strange language that one is. We had so much fun all laughing and shoveling..... :)

Our favorite visitor from England! She demanded we sing songs about flowers and then did a ballet dance for us :) 

Oh...and KAREN CAME TO CHRUCH FOR THE FIRST TIME :) This is a big step! 

El Sker Dig (pronounced: el skeh di Means I love you in Danish)

Have a great week!!!!

Sister Dumont

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One Whole Year!

I can't hardly believe it! 

Oh well, moving on :) 

**So super shout out to my Abigail Jean Jensen for emailing me :) I love you a lot sister!** 

Sister Smith and I have agreed that we have never been more exhausted our whole mission! We come home, plan, call sisters, brush them teeth and as soon and my head hits the pillow i'm out (for those of you who know me that's not much different than any other time, really) but still. 

A miracle of this week was that we got to be in our own area for a full day for the first time this whole transfer! It was so incredible. We have just had appointment after appointment this whole week. And guess who finally came home?! KAREN DID! Hip hip hooray! The moment we have all been waiting for. We snuck out there with Sister Vance (was my stl my first transfer of the mission. She finished her mission in November but has moved out to Omaha and was gracious enough to drive 3 hours to come do team-ups with us) and saw her. She had lost her luggage and it hadn't arrived yet....poor thing! She is doing well and we are all ready to get back into the swing of things. Her husband John (I LOVE HIM) invited us over for a fish fry Tuesday night so that will be really good :) 

We were eating lunch at Jimmy Johns this week and this cute older lady told us how cute it is that we wear skirts. 

Skirts all around
I have gained such a testimony on the power of the Holy Ghost. I know that it is only through the HG that hearts (including our own) are changed. That is why it is so important to read the scriptures, pray, and go to church because that is how we keep the spirit with us. I love you all so much :) i hope you have a great week!


Sister Dumont 

Monday, July 7, 2014

This Week = YEAR MARK!

Is this real life? 

I literally can't believe that it has been a year (on Thursday) since I have been on a mission! It is blowing my mind so hard core! This week was so stinking great! 

Last monday was the longest Pday ever and we loved it! We played sand volleyball, watched 17 miracles and wrote letters all in 1 pday! WOW that never happens. 

Wednesday we got to talk to Karen! She told us she is coming home on the that is tomorrow! I could not be more excited for Sister Smith to meet her in real life! I love her with my whole heart!

Thurdsay we traveled to Omaha and stayed with Sister Page and Sister Fuller, our old companions. We had a little too much fun :) I got to have a nice long talk with Sister Page about how we're going to better focus on the mission. We are in denial that we have been out here for a year but oh well! We are going to forget about that and just serve harder than we've ever before! 

Friday (4th of July) We had Leadership Council in Omaha. It was so fun to be with all of the leaders and President and Sister Weston! We talked a lot about repentance! Gaul, I have a lot of repenting to do and pride to swallow. 

Cool experience from last night/this morning. So our bishop asked if we could do service for 3 hours today (pday) and we were kind of stressed but didn't want to say no. Also we were planning on heading to North Platte at 4:30 so we would only have 4.5 hours for pday. We were being so selfish but we said we would help. Then we started planning our training on pride and realized service counts for nothing unless it's selfless so we humbled ourselves and headed over there with smiles on our faces. On the way there they called and said they wouldn't need us today because the building wasn't ready.....and the np sisters said to not worry about coming quite so early :) Heavenly Father is a funny guy. We learned our lesson and will be more humble!

I love you all :) 

Sister Dumont