Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Week

I hope y'all had a very merry Christmas!

Last week we went grocery shopping at Walmart after e-mails and IT WAS PACKED! I didn't think there were that many people in this town. I think everyone was there.

Christmas eve was so great! We had a lesson with Tara, which hadn't happened for a while. Turns out she lives right by the Spicers. We volunteered at the GLC and played shut the box with a few of our favorite ladies :) The Reeves had us over for dinner around 4 so we went early and helped her cook. Sister Reeves is due in a little less than a month and she is having her first little girl after 3 boys. Dinner was so good! They showed us this youtube video called the 'Rapstoration.' Look it up! It is the restoration in a rap. I've never felt the spirit in a rap before but I promise it will change your life!!!! It changed mine! I am going to learn it somehow and teach the Restoration that way! Just you wait! We then went and looked at Christmas lights. There was this one house that had this amazing light show and you tuned in to a radio station and the lights went with the music! Gaul people are great!

Brother Reeves was killing us because Mannheim Steamroller (or however you spell it) was playing and he was like, I don't think they're allowed to listen to heavy medal. He's such a good, protective Branch Mission Leader :) haha Next we went to they Hyde's. There we dressed up with the other missionaries, the bishop kids, and the Hyde kids to act out the nativity. Sister Case and I were shepherds....I think. Then Mama Hyde busted out her bells and we played Christmas songs! Of course, we ended the night with ice cream :) **This is random but I need to make an anti-shoutout to Jess Beck! Where you at homegirl?** Okay time in....Next we went to Sylvia's because we hadn't seen her for weeks! We got there just as they were pulling in! Coincidence....I think not! We wrapped presents for her because she is....not the best at wrapping :) haha Then they opened presents right then and there! Emily got a tablet and I've never seen her so happy in my life! We went home and opened our Christmas eve presents from our families. WE GOT MATCHING PJS! Mom, you're the cutest thing known to earth and we LOVE LOVE our jammers so stinking much!

CHRISTMAS!!!! We woke up and opened our presents! That was so stinking fun! I made tradition! They were so stinking yummy and I was so happy :)

We went to see Dorothy, a resident at the GLC who didn't have anyone coming to see her on Christmas so we told her we would visit. She bought us lunch at the care center so we ate with her. That was so great! 

We went to the Bishop's and SKYPED! Gaul that was the greatest thing! I felt disobedient. I think they brainwash us on a mission but it's a good brainwash! I just wanted to stare at everyone the whole time! That would have been aca-awkward! I LOVE YOU FAMILY! The Bishops gave us pizza. We drove to Lincoln that night to have out sleep over. One of the Sisters was sliding on the floor and slipped and sprained her wrist. haha whoops!

I have to wrap this up but our investigator, Barb, Tayna's mom, passed away on Friday. It's hard and we are trying to help Tayna find the peace. Sorry to wrap it up so quick but I love you all so much! I challenge you all to 1. read your scriptures every day this week, and 2. pray night and day this week! see what happens :)

Love always and forever,

Sister Dumont

Monday, December 23, 2013


Well, another week is come and gone. I can't believe it. I probably say that every week huh? Well it's true! Is it going this fast for anyone else? This past week has been the busiest/ craziest weeks ever.

We spent Pday in Lincoln last week and slept over at the Pioneer Sister's house. Our car was SOOOO dirty from living out in the country so we figured we'd go get it washed before zone conference. We went to the car wash and halfway through it just stopped so the front half of our car was clean and the back half now was frozen mud! We went in and told the lady and she gave us a free car wash and said to try again and it was out of service. Yikes. Plus, it we were like 10 minutes late getting back to their house and I felt bad because I like to be obedient so we walked into their house and I was just being bummy.

We go down the stairs and turn the corner and there sits SISTER PAGE! I hid behind the wall and looked again because I thought maybe it was just a figment of my imagination. They tricked me! I didn't think she was going to be sleeping there too but she did! That was the best surprise ever!

Zone conference was incredible. We focused on the atonement and everyone had to write a 1 page talk on the atonement and then they drew names out of the 'Christmas box' and they had to give their talk. Sister Case and I didn't get called. We did, however, sing "I Know/I Feel" mashup. The best part was a video that President Weston showed about Christ. It was part of a talk by president Erying and Part by Elder Holland given to the mission presidents. Elder Holland is addressing the question, " Why is a mission so hard?" I had been thinking that same thing for a while now. I mean, I never expected it would be easy but I didn't think it would be hard either. haha Well he threw down. He said something to the effect of, "Christ never once had it easy. He was rejected, spit at, exhausted beyond belief, and many other things. Why would we have it any easier? What we go through in this life is just a teeny tiny token of the price he paid. Use that! Call on the atonement every day!" Elder Holland is the best! This was exactly what I needed to hear. "None of this is easy because salvation isn't cheap!"

My second favorite part of zone conference was the 'Elf yourself" video the Weston's son made for us. It was president and sister Weston. I have never laughed so hard! It was incredible! Wednesday was the day we moved back into town to live with the Spicers. They were there until Saturday and then they left for Utah so now we have the apartment to ourselves until Jan. 1st. It's great! We call them Mom and Dad and we are their twin girls! It's a blast! We are sad they are gone!

Thursday we made enchiladas and had family dinner with the spicers. They were so good! The relief society did an ornament exchange where you bring an ornament you don't want anymore and then we play like a white elephant game. Some of these ladies are so stinking crafty it's crazy! There was a really cute homemade Grinch one and then ninja turtles. I got a cute little flower one made from toilet paper rolls (Shout out to sister Kelemen!)

Joan moved her date up! Instead of getting baptized 2/22 she's going to get baptized 2/21.....not exactly what we had in mind but it is moved up. HaHa! We had to go get our battery changed on Friday. 

Saturday was SHOPPING WITH JETT! We went Christmas shopping with her and it was so much fun! We went into Omaha for a little while but ended up getting presents at Walmart anyway. We listened to Disney music the whole way and she wanted to kill us but we made her sing along with us and have fun.

I gave a talk in church on Sunday about the gift of the Holy Ghost and Eternal life. It's the first time I have given a talk in church out here and we're supposed to do it once a transfer. I'm not complaining though :) I was grateful for the opportunity to study and prepare for it. GJett came to church for the first time ever. She is so great! She brought cookies and juice for all the kids. She is so willing to help out anyway she can! Sister Case and I decided to just wear flats to church and we regretted it the whole time. Our feet were so numb! Now we know that we will never not wear our boots again until it is warm!

The Cerna's had us come over and they gave us cute little Christmas presents. Grandma Cerna gave Sister Case and I turtle necks so we are excited to wear those for matching District meeting! We then visited Eileen (92 year old). She is so stinking sweet. She tells us that we have the faith to move mountains and then went on to explain, not literal mountains but mountains within us. That was exactly what I needed to hear! She is incredible. Then she said, " I will say a special prayer for you two tonight as you are away for the holidays but it will be okay because you have ME!" She's so stinking adorable!

Well I hope you all have an amazing Christmas! Remember the real reason for the season and think of how you can involve Christ more in your life everyday. I love you all so much and I am grateful for your love and support!


Love always,

Sister Dumont

Monday, December 16, 2013

Homeless....Homeless...Like the Christ-Child Was

That's right folks...Sister Case and I are homeless. Just kidding, we just have to move like every few days until the 26th. Right now we are living out in the Country in Osceola at our Branch Presidents house. We will be in Lincoln until Tuesday night and then on Wednesday we will move back into Columbus with the Spicers, PARTY! Actually, they leave for Utah Thursday morning so that'll be great. We are watching their house for them. I don't know if I ever said but the reason we are homeless is because the Peschkes are in Florida and they didn't want us there alone so it has been crazy couple of days moving and packing and unpacking and packing again. Phew!

Well here is a funny story for ya from last Monday. So we were at a Members home and she has a 2 year old daughter who is brilliant and speaks full sentences and knows us missionaries by name. Well she was asking her mom for milk (breastmilk) and she said No like several times. Well finally Kayla goes, "Does Dumont have milk?" Sister Case and I about died. She wanted me to breastfeed her. YIKES! That was so stinking funny!

Tuesday was my 5 month mission birthday! What the crazy, I can't believe that. We helped out at the Golden Living Center (nursing home) with their Christmas party. A high school group sang for the entertainment. Afterwards we were standing out in the hall and the choir all comes out. I am just smiling and saying good job to them when all of the sudden this high schooler gives me the "nod" and raises his eyebrows at me. I was mortified/bright red and I looked over at Sister Case who was on the other side of the hall from me and she had her mouth opened so wide. We were dying! She told me I needed to stop flirting with the High schoolers. Gaul, she's the worst. That was super funny!

Wednesday we had zone training in Lincoln and it was super great! For lunch we went to Olive Garden and I about died I was so happy. By the time we got home we had to pack and move out to the Lindquists (22 miles away).

Last funny story.... so we did work out in Osceola on Saturday because we never get out here to see people cause it is so far away but we are living here for the week. We visited a less active family and they have 4 dogs. Well one dog just sat still in the corner and they tell us that she is deaf. Later on the dog comes and is sniffing Sister Case and they remind her that she is deaf so naturally, Sister Case waves at the dog. It was the funniest thing and we about died. Obviously that's what you would do to a deaf dog :) haha I love her!

Well this week we all wrote talks on the atonement for our Christmas Zone Conference that is tomorrow. They are going to draw a name out of a hat to decide who will give their talk. I wrote mine this morning after pondering on it all week. My favorite line is, "Don't strive for perfection, strive for progression." We will never become perfect in this life but as we are applying the atonement in our lives we will progress. Heavenly Father has great plans for each of us and it is up to us to reach that potential. The atonement is amazing! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Love always,

Sister Dumont

P.S. Shout out to my Kate girl getting married on Thursday! There better be a cardboard cutout of my face somewhere! :) LOve you girl!

Monday, December 9, 2013


I don't know if y'all know this about me but I love the snow! So maybe I already said this but Sister Case and I made bows and flowers last week at Sister Bishop's! Sister Case burned herself on the hot glue gun so that was sad....or funny!

We met this guy named Richard. I have seen him a few times but never officially met. He knows the elders. Richard is a little bit crazy but we love him just the same. He has called us every day this week telling us how much he wishes he was in Texas. He wants a postcard from both Texas (Sister Case) and Utah so Mom or Dad if you could send one with the Salt Lake temple on it that would be fantastic! :)

So Vickie is our age, less-active we have been working with for a while. She like this other less-active, Nate who wants to start coming back. They are so good for each other and they are helping each other back to the church. We met Nate for the first time last Monday and he is super great! I gave them permission to get married in the temple! :)

Thanksgiving Delish
Must Fight Trytophan

For FHE we played apples to apples. Whenever Sister Case was the judge she picked my card without knowing it was mine. It's obvious I know her more than she thinks I do! It was so funny. Grandma Katie (Sister Peschke's mom) fell and broke her arm Monday night so we woke up Tuesday morning to a new housemate. Poor little thing. She had surgery Wednesday and is now in the Golden Living Center (assisted living).

So every Monday we turn in our 'numbers' but I had forgotten my last transfer's planner to enter those numbers so we ended up going Tuesday morning to do it. This was a small miracle because we saw one of our investigators there. She had cancelled our appointment for later that evening because she was having a rough day. We got to talk to her for 30 minutes and just brighten her day. Heavenly Father has such a way of lining everything up to work out so perfectly.

Here's our Boots, Mom!

We have been volunteering at the Golden Living Center (GLC) and have grown close to the activities director. Her name is Kris. We went to visit and see if there was anything that we could help her with but we couldn't find her so we ended up visiting some residents we know. We were on our way out when a cute little lady stopped us to tell us how pretty we looked. She then gave us just lots and lots of advice like Live Life to the Fullest, and Always Be Happy, and Don't Ever Get More Than 3 Cortisone Shots a Year....haha She was so sweet! We felt like we needed to go back to Kris' office one more time to see if she was there. Lo and behold she was! We scheduled some days we will come and help. She was having a rough day and we were so glad to help brighten her mood.

Our Lava Lavas

We had a lesson with Sylvia and Emily. Our district is all sister except one set of elders (our district leader and his comp). It's really weird but we love it! The dream team is still together! (Sisters Fuller and Willis, Sisters Schrader and Wilding, and us) Plus we added another set of sisters! The poor Elders! HaHa!
The Sisters

 I gave a training on how to help 'others' have a more powerful experience at church. The conclusion was that the ticket to a more meaningful church experience is the preparation you put into it. My challenge is for each of you this week to think how you can better prepare yourself to partake of the sacrament and have a powerful experience :) There is so much more to write but I don't have enough time! I will try to write it in a letter and have you type it up Dad! I love you all:)

More to come :)

Love Always,

Sister Dumont

Monday, December 2, 2013

"I am only sassy because I have to defend myself!"

That is a quote from....myself. Sister Case and I are really sassy to each other and it is really funny! So I told her I was going to try not to be sassy because Christ wouldn't be sassy and then I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I am only Sassy because I have to defend myself :) Oh and guess what?! WE ARE STILL TOGETHER IN COLUMBUS! It truly is a Christmas miracle! We did not think that was going to happen! We screamed SO loud when we found out. The only one out of the 6 of us missionaries in Columbus  who left is Elder Tatafu. That was so so hard to see him go. Now who are we going to sing with?

Well I am telling ya, this week was crazy! Mostly, our memories are fading and we can't remember anything that happens like....8 hours previous. Last Monday we were in Norfolk for pday. We got to go shopping at Target and play volleyball and eat Samoan food! It was such a blast!

On Tuesday we had an appointment with Tayna. I don't think I have talked about her yet so I will now. She is Brother Vavra's friend from work. He originally introduced us so that we could meet her mom and teach her but it ended up that her mom, Barb, wasn't quite ready so we started teaching Tayna and boy is she prepared. She accepted to be baptized Dec. 28!!!!! I can't tell you how exciting it is when someone commits to follow our Savior, Jesus Christ. Well, Barb loves everything she learns. She has COPD and Tayna thinks this will be her last Christmas. Barb told us she wants us to be by her side when she passes. That was so sweet. I have a feeling that Barb is one of those I promised in Heaven that I would find her and bring her to the gospel. She has such a sweet spirit. Then Tayna's friend Tara who is always there for lessons read the BOM in 2 days....2 DAYS, ARE YOU KIDDING! That was incredible. She is thinking about baptism. Then....Tayna's son said he wants to learn more. This is now called the WATERS OF MORMON house for real! We thought we had one before but this is the real deal.

We also got to go play "Shut the Box" with the assisted living people at the nursing home and it was so much fun. They are a crack up!

Thanksgiving was incredible. Holidays on the mission are so fun because you just get to focus on the Savior even more. Sister Case and I ran the 2 mile Turkey Trot. Considering we didn't all....we did pretty well. It was SOOOO cold. Then the priesthood every year does a turkey bowl so we went to cheer them on. President Linquist was trying to get us to play and we said, "No, we can't touch boys." "Well sisters played a few years ago," "well were they being obedient?" Then he said, "Well I will have my blinders on today!" What a silly man. NO, we did not play!

Turkey Bowl
We helped Sister Peschke get ready for our Thanksgiving dinner by making potatoes and gravy. She taught us how to make 'lump-free' gravy so we got to be Domestic Divas for a moment. We also made delicious FLUFF (jello, yogurt, whip cream). Sister Case and I are obsessed so we bought some flavors to mix and try this week. Then we just visited people and shared the 'High 5 for Fatties' scripture with everyone since it was a feast.

Friday we went black Friday shopping.....JK we did not. We helped 2 families move in David City. That was so much fun. There were so many members from the branch there helping and It was so great. Then sister Case and I stopped and got tacos from the best taco stand around and they were delish.

Saturday was weekly planning and deep clean. We were supposed to go bowling with Tayna and her crew and Sylvia and her crew but we realized the coupons were only until 6 and so we played foosball instead.

I love fast and testimony meeting! We got to help Shirley (less-active) decorate her Christmas tree :) I am so grateful for this time of year when most of the world celebrates Christ's birth. I know so many miracles will come as we ALL strive to share that message with those around us. Stay warm! I love you all so much :)


Sister Dumont