Friday, August 23, 2013

Courtney and her Grandpa

One of the real blessings of the past few months is that Courtney's Grandpa Ray was able to stay with us long enough to see her leave on her mission. Grandpa Ray passed away on Tuesday. One of the hardest things about it has been that we haven't been able to talk to Courtney about it.

Reading her call to Grandpa and Grandma

One thing we do know though is that she now has another companion that will be with her for the remainder of her mission. She will feel his strength and comfort as she serves. As her parents, we would ask that if you feel so inclined,  that you write Courtney this week and express your condolences and love. ( We are sure that will help her greatly as she is not able to be here with us at this time.

We also wanted to share a few of our favorite pictures of Courtney and Grandpa.
The morning Courtney left for the MTC.

At Jake Staker's 30 birthday party
Uncle Jared's Wedding

Courtney and Grandpa Ray loved each other so much and he was so excited and proud of her for serving the Lord, now he get's to be with her every day.


Kelly and Connie Dumont

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