Monday, August 19, 2013

This is so Fun!

Hello Family and Friends!
I hope that everyone is doing well! Everything is going great out here in Nebraska! Let me tell you about my week.

Last Monday, we went bowling with a less active member, Victoria, who is 22. We love her so much! She really wants to come to church and she is even considering going on a mission. She works on Sundays so it is hard for her. She paid for our game of bowling so we call her our sugar mama! haha! She lives in Schuyler, pronounced Skyler, so it is hard for her to come out here a lot. It is about 20 minutes away. We hopefully will have dinner with her this week. We are grateful that we can be her friends.

Tuesday we did service at the Witt's. They are a part member family. The wife is not the member, and she is waiting on a liver transplant. We are taking off wall paper and getting ready to paint. I love being to do this for them because they are not capable. Plus it's nice to wear jeans for a little while, even though they aren't very comfortable.

We met the third roommate to the house now known as Waters of Mormon. This is the house that we were prompted to knock that first Saturday I was here. All three of them are willing to learn about the gospel.

On Wednesday we had district meeting and I got 4 letters! It was like Christmas! haha Thanks so Susan Jaussi and Ky Bear for taking such good care of me!

So we thought we had a dinner appointment with a member family so we show up at their house and the son lets us in so we walk up the stairs and notice that it is a little messy...which is normal and we felt at home. Well we go into the kitchen and Sister Shaw is like, "I thought we feed you next Wednesday." So sister G and I look at each other in panic and we go, " well you're probably right, we will just come back." She insisted that we stay so we had the best pancake ever. She was in the process of pickling cucumbers so after we ate and chatted for a while we helped her cut up cucumbers. It ended up being a blessing for both us and her.

Practice was at 7 but it was raining so we assumed it was cancelled but the elders kept texting us letting us know that they were still practicing and there were like 7 investigators there. We finished helping sister Shaw and got over there by like 8. Apparently, it wasn't raining all that much until we got there. Never the less we practiced in the rain! The photo is of us and the elders soaked after practice. It was so much fun playing in the rain though. Our tournament is Saturday so I will let you know when we win! 

Thursday a lot of little miracles happened. We were able to bump into a less-active member and former investigator. The Munoz family fed us delicious tacos! Friday we had appointment after appointment and it kept us busy! Heath and Melissa, waters of Mormon house, told us that they love to learn and gain knowledge about religions but they don't think they would ever 'practice.' We said, " well you should just keep studying then." Because inside we know that as they do that they will not just be studying but they will want to act.

We went to Columbus days and ran into a less-active there. We are trying to get him and his girlfriend to play softball with us. Guess what we got at the fair? SNOW CONES! Needless to say that was the highlight of my week. They don't have snow shacks in Nebraska and it is really sad. I am glad I got to experience that :)

Saturday we visited a lot of people and street contacted some more at the fair.

Sunday was awesome! All three hours of church were exactly what I needed to hear. We also had Branch President Youth Discussion at the house where we live so we got to participate in that.

My challenge for this week is to read the talk on Sarcasm from this month's ensign. One of our awesome members, Brother Spicer says, "Sarcasm is Scarcasm." I know that it is something that we all could work on a little bit. It is an awesome article.

I love you all! thanks so much for the prayers and support. I really do feel of them out here. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to share of the 'desirable fruit' that I have tasted of. The joy that this gospel gives is something that you cannot get anywhere else. It is true joy that will last through the eternities. May we all seek for ways to share of this fruit with those we love most.

Love always,

Sister Dumont 

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  1. So glad I found this website! You are such a light and those you are serving with/for are SO BLESSED to rub shoulders with you.