Monday, January 12, 2015


Did I ever tell you what NOM really stands for? Not Ordinary Missionaries! 

I love that! It came from sister Weston about a year ago in one of her trainings. She's so cute! Y'all may need to fight her for me. She says I'm not leaving and I said, "okay." I am so grateful for President and Sister Weston and their examples for me. We were told twice in a month from 2 different general authorities that we're not assigned to missions but to the mission president and his wife. Boy, is that true! 

This week was great. We received news that now both us and the Elders in Plattsmouth will work in Fairview and Plattsmouth. We're working to coordinate all that.

We had interviews this week. I love President Weston! He just reassured me that no effort is wasted and he invited me to look back and see how I have changed and grown. He also reminded me that this will never happen again in ETERNITY.........gaul President, thanks!

All I'm trying to say is being a missionary is the best! But guess what, we're all called to be missionaries! Missionary work will never end until our Great Leader says we're done. I hope we can all find ways this year to give the gift of "Feeding his sheep" to the Savior. 

I'm sorry I'm so lame and don't have a lot to say. Miracles have not ceased!

I love you all :) 

Sister Dumont

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