Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Years Y'all!

Parent Note:  Only two more of these! Yay! The over/under on her last post before coming home is 7 sentences, place your bets.

Well....ya know what they say...when you welcome the new year, the old one's gone. 

That's not actually what they say.....

So we began the week with teaching Ashlee (her twin sister's name is Nicole...ironic). She made us some BOMB baked ziti. It was oh so good. 

Wednesday we partied hard. and by that we mean we were in bed by 10:30 and slept great! The Gray family had a party so we ate some good food there and got to know some folk.

New years day we went to the trail center with Ashley (recent convert) to see the gingerbread displays before they closed on Sunday. She loved it. Guess who was there...Sister Case :) so naturally we sang for her since we didn't on our tour a few weeks ago. Sister Case invited us all to, this year, focus on the successes and not the failures :) I love her. 

We had MLC on Friday. As a mission we are all starting 12 week over. The good news is I'll get to do at least 2 weeks :) 

I was emailing President Weston today about some sisters and I said something really profound for once :) haha I said, "everyone is adequate because we're children of God." Think about that next time you feel inadequate. 

I love you all so much! Miracles have not ceased! 

Love Sister Dumont
My Yankee Hill Homies

I'm a fan

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