Monday, September 16, 2013

Howdy Y'all!

This week was a busy one! Monday after e-mails we went to J. C. Penny's to get a tie for Miguel for his baptism. I ended up getting a Cornhuskers Hoodie, you know my obsession with hoodies, that has a huge red N on the front. I love it so much!

Here is a funny story for Tuesday. We were waiting at a park for Miguel so we could have our lesson. We got there a little early and we both had to go potty really bad. The Hyde's live just up the street so we decided to walk up there in hopes that they would be home so we could relieve ourselves. ha As we were walking it didn't really look like they were there and I was kinda gonna have an accident. Sister G goes, "just have faith." As we were walking up to the house I said in my head, "I DO have faith!" and at that very moment sister Hyde pulled up in her van! Miracles happen everyday!

Wednesday was district meeting in Seward. That morning driving there was the thickest fog I have ever seen. On the way home was the hardest rain ever. Crazy stuff. One of the companionships we are over is Sister Smith and her comp. Sister smith was in my District at the MTC and she is the only one I haven't seen yet. I got to talk to her on the phone on Wednesday and I cried a single tear of joy. I can't wait to go to Iowa for exchanges.

Thursday we did a performance at the nursing home. It was so great and they loved it. The spirit was so strong. One our investigators, Michelle, is back on for baptism! I will explain more later :)

Friday was a big leadership training for zone leaders, sister trainer leaders, and their comps. This means that I got to see Sister Page! Heavenly Father really loves us :) The training was amazing. The Book of Mormon musical is coming to Omaha so we as missionaries are preparing ourselves for all the negativity that will come with that. It is exciting though!

MIGUEL'S BAPTISM! Saturday was amazing. The spirit was so stinking strong. It is so amazing watching these people we teach enter the waters of baptism and promise to follow Christ. He is such a strong guy and I am so glad that his family is complete no, all baptized. Next is the road to the temple! YAY!

Sunday we went to the Restoration concert in Omaha with Sylvia, our investigator, and Sister Spicer. It was so amazing! Sylvia said she felt the spirit so strongly. We are hoping she and her daughter Emily are next for baptism. We have become really good friends with them. She has a rough background, her husband is in prison and she is being so strong for her two girls. She notices the blessings of this gospel. It is all in the Lord's time.

My invitation to y'all this week is to study why we are asked to read the Book of Mormon every day...what is so important about it? Why is it the keystone of our religion? My testimony is that the Book of Mormon truly is the word of God. After the resurrection we will all be judged according to how well we lived the doctrine in the BOM. What a blessing it is that we have a manual for our lives. Any question we ever have  can be answered through the BOM. Study it, like it and you will be greatly blessed for that. The church is so true :)

Love always!
Sister Dumont

The last one is Sister Mahlsted and myself. She is a trail center sister who came out the same time as I did. First time I have seen her since I came out!

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