Monday, September 9, 2013

I Survived Transfers


So Labor day we had a fiesta with the Branch out at one of the Member's homes. We had 11 investigators there! It was so amazing!

On Tuesday, our Sister Trainer Leaders came out from Lincoln to go on exchanges with us. Can I just say how much I love exchanges? I LOVE EXCHANGES! It is an awesome opportunity to learn from someone new. I mean, Sister Gomez is great but I love seeing how other people approach different situations and how they teach powerfully! Sister Vance only has like 2 transfers left so it makes me so sad but I have learned so much from her in these past weeks.

Wednesday was.....Beyoncé's Birthday! haha our District Leader, Elder Tatafu loves Beyoncé! Reminds me of Chase :) haha but he bought birthday cupcakes and a Beyonce mini birthday cake! It was so stinking funny! District meeting was so great! We really focused on enduring to the end. There is a pizza buffet out here called Pizza Ranch and it is delicious! We went there for lunch. A few hours later we were going to do service at a less active's house and she asked if she could feed us. Of course we said yes! It was pizza. haha nothing like eating pizza for every meal. I think this week total we were fed pizza 4 times. It's great!

Thursday was transfers. I obviously had no idea how they worked. S. Gomez said if we get a call from them we are transferred, if not we stay. During study at 8:30 we got a call from President Weston and I was freaking out! My heart was pounding so hard and as sister G talked to him I was thinking of all the possibilities. Luckily, it ended up that She was called as a sister trainer leader and I as her assistant! What a relief. I was not ready to leave Columbus! WEll, I guess I will be ready when the Lord says I am ready. haha anyway, we are over the sisters in Sioux City, Iowa so we will get to do a lot of traveling. Ky Bear sent me all her Iowa stuff she got from Chad and I'm pretty sure I would get shot if I wore it here in Nebraska but now I can wear it when we go do exchanges in Sioux City! So we are team teaching Miguel with the Spanish elders.

On Thursday night we were doing service and we got a text from Miguel saying he didn't want to be baptized anymore; that the Mormon church isn't for him. I had the phone and read it but I didn't want to be impolite and show S. Gomez while we were doing service so I just put it in my pocket. I was freaking out and trying to figure out why this was happening. Well we are on our way home and texting the Schuyler elders. Turns out it was all a prank that the Schuyler elders played on us. IT WAS NOT FUNNY! Now it is but at the time we were about to flip. So....Miguel is getting baptized on Saturday :) :) hip hip hooray! Our first Baptism! I am so happy and proud of him!

Friday we came in contact with a lot of people we have been trying to see since I have been out here and never have. It was a miracle day. Also we told the Spicers what the Spanish elders did to us and they got mad at them for us!

Saturday was a relaxed day. I am telling ya, when there is a huskers football game this is a ghost town. We are advised to not tract during games because these people are serious about their football.

Last night there was a CES fireside broadcast so we invited Miguel and his girlfriend to come and watch it. It was a great talk by Russel M. Nelson entitled, "Youth of the Noble Birthright: what will you choose?" I encourage everyone to look it up and read it. It is quite the powerful talk. I encourage you all to study more about enduring to the end and what it truly means. I think as we are baptized we just have a testimony, and enduring to the end is the 'time' we have to become converted to the Lord. Think about it.

Well I love you all so much! There is never enough time to write everything but I want you all to know how much I love you! I know that our savior lives and that he has paid the ultimate price so that we can return to live with Him, our Heavenly Father, and our families. All he asks of us is to keep his commandments and to always remember him. How simple is that? May we all strive to use the atonement more fully in our lives daily. Have a great week everyone :)

Love always and forever,

Sister Du :)

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