Monday, September 23, 2013

It's Fall!


So I don't know if any of you knew this but fall is my favorite time of year/season. S Gomez and I pass zillions of houses all decorated for Halloween and I freak out each time because I love it so much. I'm pretty sure on Halloween we will have to be in our apartment by 6:00 so that's great! Ha Ha! Our branch has a party the night before luckily. 

This week was one full of miracles! Monday was P-day. That night we had dinner at the Munoz's with Sylvia and Emily. It was funny because the night before we had been telling Sylvia how we only have a certain number of miles per month so we try not to drive a ton. Well she called us Monday morning and offered us a ride to the Munoz's house for dinner because they live pretty far. We were so grateful to her!

Tuesday we had a bunch of appointments. We were able to see people we hadn't for a while and it was good to get back in contact with them.

Wednesday we went to Lincoln for Zone Training. They ZLs introduced the family mission plan, which our stake president is implementing in all the stake. It is basically where the members are asked to fast and pray about people they know who are nonmember or less actives and figure out who heavenly father wants them to fellowship. They schedule appointments with us to teach them at their own pace. I think this is great because it gives them members the chance to be a part of bringing someone to Christ. After all, this is the members work and we are here to assist them. I received so much personal revelation on things that I need to do better and my testimony was strengthened on the importance of focusing everything we teach on the atonement of Christ.

We got back to Columbus, had dinner with the Reeves family (who by the way is having a baby girl after 3 boys) and then we got back on the road and headed to Norfolk for exchanges. The sisters there are just opening the area so they are in the finding stage.

Sisters Willis (this is her first transfer) and Fuller. 

S. Fuller and I are convinced that we will be companions some day because we both look so familiar to one another and it has to be from Heaven because she's from Arizona and I am not. She is in two videos so look them up. One is 195 dresses and the other is Because I Have Been Given Much. She is Jessica in the videos. Well she is Jessica in real life too.... Anyway! Exchanges were awesome! We got to meet people they are potentially going to teach and it was great to see how their companionship does things because we all do things different so it was great to get some new ideas.

Friday I woke up feeling awful! My nose kept running and I had a headache all day. Luckily we were pretty busy with appointments so I just had to push forward.

Saturday was BAILEY'S BIRTHDAY! Yay Happy birthday Bai! I hope you had a great day! "I don't know about you but she's feeling 22!" I was feeling a little better Saturday. but not too much. We taught some people and then there was a baptism in our Branch so we went to that. His mom is a member. All of us missionaries sang some songs while Xavier (9year old boy) changed. Satan tried really hard to stop that baptism. He was in the hospital all day until 10 minutes before they were to be at the church. It was a beautiful service. One of our Investigators came to the baptism, which was bomb! She is getting baptized on the 19th of October and is so excited. She is one of those prepared people. S Gomez and I know that we promised Michele in Heaven that we would find her and teach her the gospel.

Sunday was a great day. In relief society we talked about the atonement and It was so enlightening to learn how I can better use the atonement in my life. We have this sweet 91 year old lady that we go visit every once in a while. Her name is Eileen. She is Lutheran or something like that but she always allows us to share scriptures and pray with her. We felt the need to go visit her last night. Turns out it was her birthday! She was so grateful that we got to come spend some time with her on her birthday. She really is the cutest little thing.

Something that I learned in my studies and from zone training this week is how important the Savior is in our teaching. He is central to the church and he is the reason we are all here. People always talk about how we as members have that 'GLOW' and I came to realize that glow is from the Savior, the light of the world. As we continue to strive to have His image engraven in our countenance we will continue to have that glow about us.

I love you all! Thanks for the love and support you all show me. I wouldn't be able to do this if it weren't for y'all so thank you :) Have a great week and don't be strangers, write me a letter :)

Love always,

Sister Dumont

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