Monday, October 7, 2013

Howdy Y'all

This week was a busy one. 

Last Monday we were getting ready to head to Lincoln when one of our members called us up and said we needed to come over now. We were both scared because we didn't know what to expect and we were afraid something was wrong. We rushed over there and knocked on the door. Brother Cerna opened the door, invited us in and told us to sit down on the coach. Sister Cerna brought us cookies and a guava drink and then their 10 year old daughter Catherine brought us out the cutest teddy bears. They are sister missionaries!!! I will include a picture of them but we love them so much. This family is the cutest. They are Salvadorian and they treat us so well and do so much for our investigators.

We headed to Lincoln to stay with the Pioneer sisters because on Tuesday we had interviews with President Weston (duh duh duh....). And we were lucky enough to get to go to TARGET! Wahoo! We were so stinking pumped. We got socks and I got a shirt for $3.00 :) We miss target so much and we felt right at home there. We ate at Raising Canes. It was so good! Then we went to the Pioneers sister's house and planned and went to sleep. Tuesday we had interviews with President Weston and I was pretty nervous. Not going to lie. But it was just fine. The work here is focusing on members and getting less actives back to church. We asked the Lincoln missionaries where we should go for lunch and they sent us to this sandwich shop owned by a member. He is from Chicago and makes Italian beef/pastrami sandwiches. It was so stinking good. He didn't make us pay because he said when he was taking the lessons from the missionaries 4 years ago he asked a lot of hard questions so this is his way of paying the missionaries back. haha Such a great guy.

Wednesday we had back to back appointments so we didn't have time to stop and eat dinner. Our 7:30 appointment was running late so we went to the gas station and got 'dinner' which was a candy bar and Flamin' Hot Cheetos with Lime :) We sat in the car watching the thunder storm eating our dinner. haha  Thursday was Sister Schrader's birthday. She is obsessed with mustaches so we make her a cake and put plastic mustaches on it. Elder Tatafu got some mustaches so we wore them during District Meeting.

We headed to Omaha for our Leadership Counsel on Friday. We got to the trail center and Sister Peterson was there. She told me that she was going home the next day because she is having medical problems. She is one that came out with me and before our mission we went to the temple together. I am so sad that she had to leave but she said she feels at peace with it so that makes it better. Heavenly Father has a very specific plan for each of us. We stayed at a house near the trail center. The Leadership Counsel was awesome! Sister Page was there so I got to catch up with her. I got to share with Sister Weston a little bit about grandpa's funeral. She is the sweetest thing and always asks how the family is doing. 

We got back to Columbus and it was our investigator Sylvia's birthday and she wanted to spend the day with us. 

Conference was incredible and so inspiring. My favorite talks were Ulisses Soares, S. Gifford Nielsen, and M. Russel Ballard. We have a third sister with us for this week. She is on a mini mission so she is from Omaha and before her stake president will let her turn in her papers she has to do this and see if she is fit for a mission. So far so good :) She is so great and is definitely ready for it.

Time is short as always but I love you all so much. Thanks for you letters and support. Have a great week :)

Love always,

Sister Dumont

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