Monday, October 28, 2013

Hoedown Throwdown

Mi familia y amigos!

Y'all are so great! So let me tell ya a little more about my cowgirl comp! She is the best! She is from Charillton, Texas (just out of Dallas). She is the oldest of 4 girls (poor papa case). She played volleyball (and softball....In 2nd grade haha) and she did musical theatre. She went to BYU for a year. Her major is Food Science and she will go on to dental school. Her biggest wish is that BYU had sororities! Lucky for her she has a sorority girl for a companion....haha. She is such a hard worker and is so stinking awesome! She is going to be comps with me and Sister Page someday.

Monday we had a pizza party as we wrote letters. I haven't had much of an appetite these last few weeks which is weird! Sister Case and I got matching huskers shirts so one day we will take a matching photo for ya'll. Her mom sent her this cookbook especially for missionaries and cooking for only a few people. We have yet to try is out. At FHE that night a movie quote popped into my head and I couldn't figure out what it was from. Sister case and I tried for hours to figure it out. Well as I was going to bed after my prayers it popped into my head. Sister case prayed and asked for Heavenly Father to help her figure it out and he did that instant. Prayer works ;) haha

There are some girls in the branch who are like 4 and 2 and whenever they wear flowers in their hair they call themselves Sister Dumont! it is so cute!

We got to go to the temple again on Friday! It was so awesome! I am grateful for the opportunity I had to go and serve in the temple. President Weston, when I walked into the celestial room, said (joking), 'you and Sister Case need a little more energy!' haha if he only knew! We are wild in a good way.  I got to talk to Sister Page on Saturday and I will get to see her on Tuesday! I am so excited for her and sister Case to meet!

I am so sorry that this so short but time just flies so stinking fast! Gol, I promise I will better prioritize my time next week so I can tell you more stories! For now, I love you all! Keep being so awesome and never forget to pray :)


Sister Dumont

I'll send photos next week! Love y'all and I love hearing from ya :)

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