Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello My Loves!

Where does the time go? I am quickly approaching my 4 month mark. Are you serious? The time sure does fly when you are having fun! This week was quite the crazy one. 

Last Monday we were supposed to go down to Grand Island and spend the night because we had Zone Conference the next day. We were going to do our Winter shopping that we needed to and get that out of the way. Well while we were doing e-mails we found out that we couldn't go and we were kinda sad because, ya know, we want to stay warm and stuff. We kinda had a pity party and just partied at home instead. I borrowed a uke from a member in our branch and figured out how to play a song from the EFY cd so that video will be coming. (P.S. Dad, what is the best way to send a video to y'all?)

This is sister Vance aka my Hero! She goes home the day after Thanksgiving :(
Tuesday was Zone Conference. It was my first real ZC because the last one was actually a mission tour because a member of the 70 was here. It was awesome! We went fasting and with inspired questions and the first 2 trainings answered my questions. The church is true! I got to see a lot of my MTC family so that was a tender mercy for sure! Sister Case got to meet Sister Page for the first time. S. Page might be a little jealous but what can ya do :) haha.

   Sister Page :)
Wednesday Vickie (less-active) came out with us on team ups. She was recently called as a branch missionary. We had a blast and she is loving missionary work. The Chili Cook-off and trunk or treat was that night. Sister Case and I switched nametags for our costume. Then we threw on some mustaches and then a wig and hat (pictures to follow) There were 145 people shoved in our little branch building. It was awesome! Now we just hope we can get that many people at church so we can get a building extension.

Halloween was awesome! I woke up feeling sicker than a dog so that was rough. We got to help out at a nursing home with some of the activities for the day. They ended up making us sing some songs so that was a blast. We had to be in the house by 6:00 but we went Trick or Treating with Sylvia, Emily, and Cree. Once we got home we planned for the next day and then I caught up on my journal and knocked out about an hour early because I didn't feel well at all. Friday was possibly the craziest day of my life and I am not even exaggerating! Are ya ready?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER ASHLEY! So the day started out normal. We had an appointment with GJet at 9:00. She decided to quit school and just work. She is on disc 3 of the BOM so we read a little bit with her. We did some weekly planning and then by the time we finished we had an appointment with Dalia and Yara. The Linquists came with us and we taught the restoration. The spirit was so stinking strong! We went grocery shopping for Sister Martens and while we were there we picked up some pink balloons. Sister Case was so cute and joined me in writing a message to send to Ashley. We sent off our cute messages and then dropped the groceries off. This is where it gets crazy......

So we had a dinner appointment with some of our investigators, a husband and wife. These Gators call us their kids and they just love having us over. We get there and the music is playing so stinking loud. We knock on the door and the man answers. We asked where his wife was and he said she was upstairs so we figured she would be coming down. We quickly realized that we were not going to be eating with them. He insisted that we sit down and I could tell that something was wrong because he was not acting like himself. He told us that he was drunk. He said, "you never talk about your parents." 

So we both pull out our photos of our families. And he looks at them. I noticed a gun on the table and got a little nervous but I didn't think much of it. He told us that we needed to tell our parents we love them every day. His brother-in-law was murdered a few weeks ago and he told us that when he gets of parole in 6 days (back child support) that he is going to Oklahoma. Trying to understand what he was getting at I asked him why. He then picked up his gun, cocked it, and set it back on the table. At that point I knew we needed to leave but I also knew we needed to not to anything too suddenly. We saw a big ole pocket knife on the floor. Long story short. He never threatened us but we were very scared that if we did anything to upset him that he might have. He said a prayer and we quickly left. His wife never came down so in all honesty we don't know where she was if she was even there. As soon as we drove a way we broke down! That was the scariest things I have ever experienced.

Sister Case and I at the Temple
We know that our Guardian Angels were there protecting us. :) Don't worry Mom and Dad! All is well :)

Sorry I run out of time every time! I want to challenge all of you to pray for a missionary experience every day! I love you all so much :)

Love Always,

Sister Dumont

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