Monday, November 25, 2013

My Uke Brings All the Gators to the Church!

(Put the subject line to the tune of Milkshake)

Aloha y'all!
So at this moment I am sitting in the library listening to music.....well the guy next to me is playing games and has his headphones up really loud. I am actually trying really hard to not laugh because he is singing along and dancing....he's great! Tender mercy from Heavenly Father for sure!

So for FHE last Monday the elders were in charge. They had us play jeopardy (scripture edition) and it was so hard!!! I think it was more like embarrass the missionaries night. HaHa! They had the most random questions on there. It was fun though. Sister Case and I were on opposite teams and we got a little more than competitive. We still love each other though :) HaHa!

Tuesday was Sister Case's birthday! Well this whole month is her birthday but the actual day was on Tuesday, the 19th. Sister Gomez and Vogel came down for exchanges Monday night. I knew they were coming but Sister Case didn't so she was pleasantly surprised when they walked into our study area. The birthday fairy decorated her study space so when she woke up it was all birthdayyyy! The sad part is that I didnt' get to spend much time with her because we were on exchanges but it was a good day for everyone! Lots of miracles happened, which is normal for exchanges. I wish we could do them every day! The Spicers had all 4 of us sisters over for birthday dinner. We had such a blast and took lots of photos. (speaking of....sorry i'm not very good at sending photos home. I will try harder). Sister Vogel caught a good one of Me and Sister Case after I put the candles in the cake.

On Thursday it was the coldest it has ever been. The Christmas Stroll was this day so we bundled up. At one point we were waiting for one of our investigators in the car so we decided to start a video diary! Best idea ever, I'm not sure why we didn't do this sooner! We are pretty funny if I do say so myself! One day I will grace y'all with seeing these videos.

We ended up going to the Christmas Stroll around 6:00. At this point it was SNOWING! Excuse me....we didn't say this could happen! It was so stinking cold! For enrichment night we made gingerbread houses! The tradition continues :) Sister case had never decorated one so I showed her the ropes :) 2 of our investigators and 1 less active member came! It was a miracle!

Friday was our BFF day! Reason being...the date was 11/22 right? well My favorite number is 11 and Sister Case's favorite number is 22 ergo....OUR BFF DAY :) We gave an investigator a BOM on Friday and 24 hours later she was in MOSIAH 27...are you kidding?! She is amazing. She loves it! We can't wait to continue teaching her! I am sorry this is so short but we are short on always.

Shout out to Aubrey, Locked out of Heaven is playing in the guys ears right now...thought of you :) Anyway, I love you all so much :) This week is transfers so please bless Sister Case and I stay together....chances are probably not likely but we can always hope right? I will let y'all know what ends up happening in next week's e-mail. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU! I truly am so grateful for all the amazing people I have in my life! If you decide to send me a letter this week make sure you send it to the mission home which is

11027 Martha Street
Omaha, NE 68144

Have the best week ever! And don't forget to P.U.S.H (pray until something happens)!


Love always,
Sister Dumont

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