Monday, January 13, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust (Transfers that is)

Welcome to Transfer #5!

I can't even believe it! I know I literally say this every week but it's true, TIME IS FLYING BY! I hit my 6 MONTH MARK on Friday! 6 months....that's half a year...that means I only have one year left...that makes me sick! Don't talk about it! 

Our new obsession: Betty Crocker Fudge brownies with Reeses Peanut Butter Chips (it will change your life....and your weight)

For the next Zone Conference (at the end of February) is OLYMPICS. Obviously president thinks we're getting a little chunky and he's probably Sister Case and I are preparing for that! 

OH DID I MENTION SISTER CASE AND I ARE STILL TOGETHER IN COLUMBUS?! We know that there is a marvelous work and a wonder for the two of us to do here in C*town. When we told Sister Bishop we were still together she said, "You two are so lucky! You should just leave your missions and go to Vegas!" Don't Tempt!!!! (just kidding, I will never leave my mission...ever!!!!)

It always snows on Wednesdays in Lincoln...well just the past two and since that's where our district meetings are we get to be in it. The pioneer sisters got in a little crash on the way to DM so that was sad. The car was drivable and everything is okay. It never snows in it does in Lincoln.

So Tayna is back...she is our friend again and we are teaching her! She wants to go to the temple...just has to get baptized first. But she isn't willing to give up some addictions yet so that will be our next mountain to climb! 

Sylvia and Emily are getting baptized this very Saturday! They were interviewed last Wednesday and when they got there they still weren't sure they were going to do it. As soon as they got out of their interviews they were CONFIDENT that they were ready! I love it :) I have never seen Sylvia smile that big. They are so happy and I am so excited to see what joy it brings. 

My thoughts this week have been focused on how to have a change a heart as they do in the Book of Mormon. I haven't nailed it down quite yet. If y'all have any ideas let me know! But what I do know is that it comes from giving our will to the Lord (also something i'm trying to figure out how to do). What I do know is that it is all possible through the Atonement! 

I love you all so much:) Thanks for all the love and support always! Never forget that you are loved! Remember who you are and whose you are! 

Love Always, 
Sister Dumont

Sometimes we make the same face in photos! Sometimes we don't!

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