Monday, January 20, 2014

This is Why We Come on Missions...To get stuff

Above is another quote from my dearly beloved companion :)

We learned how to make homemade cake and frosting this week. We did some service for the Peschkes and they had us put together shelves for their food storage...that was a sight to see I'm sure. Made for some good laughs :) Sylvia chopped her hair. I don't know if you ever saw her Mane before but she chopped like 6 inches. It's still SUPER long!

Zone training this week was awesome! We talked about being positive. Thoughts --> feelings --> action -->results so If you want positive results you need to have positive thoughts!
Thursday for relief society we did crock pot cooking. Well we just ate it :) And got a cookbook. This is where the quote from my dear Sister Case comes in.

We had exchanges on Friday and Saturday and a straight up miracle happened. We were visiting a new family that just moved into the road. This happened to be right up the street from Leann and Ronney (the crazy gun guy). We were sitting in the car and saw them walking up the street so we creeped on them. We looked away and when I looked in the rear view mirror they were coming our way. I thought for sure they were going to see us sitting there in the car but sister gomez ducked and I pretended to be fixing my hair. Next we knew they were walking away. HEAVENLY FATHER MADE US INVISIBLE! Miracles really do happen ladies and gents!

We had a lesson with all 4 missionaries at Sylvias. Sister and Ali Hyde came too. They took us to get blizzards at Dairy Queen afterwards.

SYLVIA AND EMILY ARE BAPTIZED! This was possible the happiest day of my life! Everything went smoothly and the spirit was so strong there. Then they got confirmed on Sunday. Their blessings were amazing. To top it all off Miguel, our recent convert, passed the sacrament for the first time! Such a great weekend!!! Saturday morning Sylvia texted us and told her she couldn't do it.....but then she sent one that said just kidding!!! Gaul that was not funny Sylvia!!! After the baptism we went to eat and then watched 17 Miracles. They loved it almost as much as I do!
In other news....the winds got up to 75 MPH. not even joking a little bit. It's pretty fun :)

Well I love you all so much! Thanks for all you do for me! Always remember how much our Heavenly Father loves you! Read 'Hope of God's Light' from April General Conference. It is so great!!! I LOVE THE LIGHT! 

Love Always,

Sister Dumont 

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