Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Kiss

Happy New Year one and all!

I am so lucky, this whole year I will be on my mission  :)

Sister Case and I got some AWESOME Nebraska shirts at Goodwill. They are so comfortable to sleep in so we had a New Years photo shoot. Also I had the best New Years kiss ever so be jealous! :) We went to sleep at 10:30 New Years Eve but we set an alarm for 11:58. We woke up, waited 2 minutes, said," Happy New Years!" and knocked back out.

So I've come to realize how extremely blessed I am to have Sister Case. Some sisters in the mission don't get along with their companions and I am just so lucky to have the relationship I do with her! Shout out to my partner in ..... saving souls! 
Sister C has recently introduced me to a Mexican place called Q'Doba and I am now officially converted. I love it! Steak Queso Burrito...extra Queso please :)

So here's the low down with Sylvia and Emily. So they committed to being baptized on the 11th. The branch presidency wouldn't be there that day so she decided to push it back just a week to the 18th, which we felt good about. We gave her a sticky note with all the information about what they needed to decide on for the program and set up their interview. On Wednesday, on our way home from Lincoln we get a text from Sylvia saying that she doesn't think that she is ready. WE WERE FLIPPING OUT! Luckily, the Reeves had invited her over for dinner that night with us so we would see her. We didn't get to talk to her about it that night. We had exchanges on Thursday and so Sister Gomez and I went over and talked to her about what she was thinking. She told us she was still planning on the 18th but she is just nervous that she will be baptized and then fall away because of not doing what she needs too. We set her mind at ease and helped her to rely on her faith. We also set up a time to go to the trail center on Saturday. That was so amazing! She felt the spirit so strong and she recognized it. We found out last night that when we gave her a list of things to choose for the program it scared her and that's why she started doubting. We told her not to worry and that we would take care of it! Yikes! She is so ready!

Shout out to MAMA CASE for sending Sista C Book of Mormon, Go Fish! We have had a blast playing that this week :) With members and investigators!

I love exchanges because so many miracles happen! Sister Vogel and I finally discussed our love for Swig, then I started craving it so I try not to think about it :) haha Anyone in or going to St. George, eat a sugar cookie and drink a dirty Dr. Pepper for me will ya?

Before going to the trail center Sylvia wanted to go to lunch at the Golden Corral so we did. It was so stinking good but I got so full. Good thing it was fast Sunday the next day!

Sister Case and I got to sing in the memorial room, which is a room with a big window that looks out on the temple and the pioneer cemetery. The spirit in this room is just incredible and I just want to spend all of our time in there when we go. We sang I know/I feel.

Well it is FREEZING today. -15 windchill is supposed to get to -30.....yikes! President said in  temps of -30 skin exposure for 15-30 seconds = frost bite! Please Bless NO!

This week is transfers. We are PRAYING we stay together.....if it is Heavenly Father's will...but we really hope it is :)

If you send anything send it to the mission address which is 11027 Martha St Omaha, NE 68144 this week and I will let you know what my address is.

I got a letter from the Stake a few weeks ago and thought I would share a part from President Jaussi's letter. He talks about the 3 circumstances in which trials are brought into our lives. 1. "Sin can lead to unhappiness and trials. The key to overcoming trials that come as a result of sin is to REPENT." 2. "Sometimes other people do things that cause us pain or sorrow. The key to overcoming this is FORGIVENESS." and 3. "We were sent to earth to be tested." Things happen because Heavenly Father wants to test us. "The key to overcoming this type of trial is FAITH."

Because of the Atonement, there is always a way to overcome these trials, and that is through turning to the Savior and asking for help. We all will be tried and tested through our life and it is up to us to determine how we will handle that. I've come to realize this week that happiness is a choice so choose to be HAPPY. I love you all so much and I am so grateful for the love and support you show me! Have the best week ever!

Love Always,
Sister Dumont :) 

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