Monday, January 27, 2014

We're the Definition of Comp Unity

Another great week here in Columbus,

There is a new family in our branch....The Appels. There are 8 of them so that has got to bring our numbers over 100 each week, i'll have to check :) All of us were praying for a family like this. Ha!Ha! The Chapel is always full! Anyway, Sister Appel is awesome. We went and did some service for her, just unpacking stuff. She gave us the Frozen CD. It's Disney so we can listen to it! Mostly, we listen to 2 songs: Let It Go (totally applies to the mission...I'll send the explanation sometime) and Love is an Open Door (also applies to sister case and I. The part we change is obviously the end when he says, "will you marry me." Change it to "Will you be my roommate?" It's perfect!

I've had a problem with losing things this week. I'm surprised not my brain yet. My infinity bracelet broke so I put it on my necklace. Well Sister Case put it on for me at Kayla's (Less Active) and it fell off but I didn't realize until we were at dinner. Then later in the week my magnet nametag fell off and I thought it was gone for sure. I was so sad! But all at once I found them. We went back to Kayla's a few days later to look for my Infinity and there it was...right on the floor. Then I reached into a pocket on the inside of my coat and there was my nametag! Miracles! I was so grateful! I didn't think I was going to find them.

At District Meeting we learned how to Bible Bash! Just kidding, we learned how to confound BBs by bearing down in PURE TESTIMONY! POW! That simple!

We went on splits for the first time on our missions! It was sad being away from Sister Case! Ha!Ha! I don't know what is going to happen IF we ever get separated.

So remember Joan? I'm sure I've talked about her before. She is Brother Davis' girlfriend. She's been investigating pretty much since Sisters opened the area in May. Well...SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED NEXT FRIDAY. Happy Birthday to you Mommy! She has been ready for a while but didn't want to move up her date. Well a miracle happened and she finally got her answer that this is right. She is a busy, busy women. Always on the go and she said she was reading the pamphlets and felt peace, which she hasn't felt before. We helped her see that was her answer and it clicked!!!! She has asked me to speak on the Holy Ghost! I am so honored to have been a part of all of this!

Missions are the best. If you are considering or even had a thought of going....GO! GO NOW! It is the biggest blessing ever! The Sons of Mosiah left a Kingdom to serve our Heavenly Father so we can give up anything! Read Alma 17 and think about a mission!

I love you all so much :)

Sister Dumont

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