Monday, February 10, 2014


(That's a quote from Aaron Carter)

Howdy Y'all!

Last P-day Sister Case Face and I went to this little Café called Picket Fence Café and we fell in love! Peach Muffins...are you kidding me?! Also we found out there is a Doughnut shop in town....who knew?

So our cars got grounded. It snowed a lot last Tuesday and I LOVED it...if it's going to be cold it might as well snow. Well, it did! We were visiting teaching with Sister Cerna so she said she's be our driver for the day. SO SWEET! She took us to lunch at this yummy Mexican Restaurant here in town and she wants to take us out next week! At one point we had to walk to where our car was parked so that we could drive it home and that was a sight, I'm sure. We didn't walk very far but we were STRUGGLING!!! "Do you wanna build a snowman?" The answer, Ana, is YES! (Frozen). The sweet Spicers knew we didn't have anything going on so they called us over to do 'service.' Papa Spice and I carried a HUGE mattress up the stairs from their garage. Can I just say I thought my arm was going to blow off. The wind caught it and I was going down fast!!! Luckily, I made it! They took us to get a cone from DQ! Fitting seeing as it was a blizzard outside :)


District meeting was changed to Thursday because our cars were still grounded for half of the day. We went and played bingo with our older friends at the GLC. One of our less active members taught me how to hem my skirt! We had a team up with Sister Hyde but our appointment cancelled so she came up with the idea to take brownies and a quote to those in our branch who need it. That was so much fun and I know they felt loved.

Sister Checketts, who was in my zone at the MTC and my first mission friend when we got our calls, is now in my district!!! Happy Day.

Friday was Joan's baptism! She was sick all week but she wasn't about to stop her! Her boyfriend, brother Davis, surprised her and sang at the baptism! So stinking cute! I can't wait until they can get married in the Temple!

Have I told you/have you hear of the salad dressing Dorothy Lynch? Well i'm obsessed!

Shout out to my DPO family -- I had some Baja Blast from Taco Bell and thought of you Gracie and Hailee and Jenni, and JoshMo :)

Jess, I went to coldstone and got strawberry cheesecake! Yum!

We got to celebrate Caelyn's birthday with the Appel family! We love them!!!

I love you all so much :) Thanks for all the love and support! Happy Valentines day! Don't forget to love one another!


Sister Dumont

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