Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This Weather is Bi-POLAR

It is D*week!!!! Meaning transfers. Meaning I most likely won't be with Sister Case Face anymore. WOOF

But...all is well! I know that Heavenly Father's plan is perfect so where ever he wants me, I will go!

So last week be made Fleece Huskers tie blankets! They are so warm and cozy.

For our companionship BOM study we have been studying the stories of the pictures in the front and it is amazing. We love guessing who is who and what they're saying and thinking.

The Columbus sisters, who ever they may be next transfer, will be living in an apartment instead of at the Peschke's.
Sister Dumont and Sister Case Dolls

In Zone Training we talked about how we can't reach the big goals in life without doing the little things.

We did our trial for the Olympics that will happen next week in Zone Conference. I will be competing in the stick pull! Sister Case is a monster and can do 100 push-ups in 5 minutes. I can do like 3 :) haha it's funny that she is so strong...but I can pull her in a second!

Sister Cerna just spoils us! She took us to Applebys last week and she took us to Pizza Ranch today. She told us that when we live together, Sister Case and I, that she will come and be our house keeper. haha she is so stinking cute!

Valentine's Day on the mission is the BEST! We just went around visiting people and telling them how there is someone who loves them more than they can imagine. Heavenly Father! Joyce Miller invited us over for Dinner! Best Vday date ever!!

We were teaching a less-active family the 10 commandments, focusing on the 6 year old. We got to #7, adultery and she asks, "What is that?" ........well I panicked.....so I looked around and said, "Don't talk to boys!" Her parents were laughing so hard! She was so confused like, "But I talk to boys at school!" "Well stop it!" Her dad says! I can never be a parent! haha

The Vday fairy visited Sylvia and Emily. She texted us asking if it was us and we told her yes :) This was the first time we had heard from her in 2 weeks! Hopefully we can see her this week because of transfers.

GJett waxed my eyebrows and she burned the life off my upper lip!!!! It's cool :) She was waxing Sister Case's brows and she dripped some wax on her eyelash. She was freaking out saying, "I blinded a sister! Help Me!" But all I could do was laugh! I was going to have an accident I was laughing so hard!

We found a new investigator! Her name is Megan and she has a condition where she has seizures a lot. She had brain surgery about a year and a half ago and she doesn't remember anything from before the surgery so she doesn't know about God and Jesus. She is the most sweet and positive person I have ever met. We have another appointment with her on Wednesday so hopefully we can help her :)

Sister Case and I are so sick of sandwiches and mac n cheese! We need some quick lunch ideas so if y'all have any email them to me :) courtneydumont@myldsmail.net

Rue 21 opened last week so we went yesterday for p-day. I got a cute belt!

Seeing how this is probably my last week with my Case Face I just wanted to give her the biggest shout out ever! She is so stinking great! I am so grateful that Heavenly Father let me be her companion for 4.5 months. I have learned so much from her and have made a life-long friend. Gaul, I'm so lucky! This will only be but a short 12 months until we can be reunited again, never to be separated again :).....until she gets married. But even then, i'm going to live in her house. I LOVE HER!

A member from the stake this sunday spoke on 7 things that waste our time:

1. Dead Works
2. Worry
3. Reasoning
4. Guilt
5. Anger
6. Fixing People (who don't want to be fixed)
7. Dread

I've been thinking a lot about these things and how if we can eliminate at least one a week then we will find more time. So this is my challenge to you! And remember to break it down into small and simple things so that you may accomplish the big goal. I love you all so much! If you wish to write me, which you all should, send them to 11027 Martha Street Omaha, NE 68144. The Beaver Lodge address is no more!

Stay classy :)

Love Always,
Sister Dumont

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