Monday, February 24, 2014

But...if you get 2 completos it's only 2 dollars.....

I am e-mailing y'all from KEARNEY, NE, USA! I was indeed transferred for the first time my whole mission :) 

Honestly, I can't remember what happened this week. It has all been such a blur so I will do my best! haha

I will have to start with Thursday because that is as far as my memory will go back. Well we got the call at 7:06 am. I was in packing (either way we were moving out of the Peschke's home) and Sister Case was studying. I hear the phone start ringing and Sister Case RUNNING down the hall. She finally answers it and lo and behold it's President Weston. She says, "Hello, this is Sister Case.....yep, she's right here." MY HEART WAS POUNDING! Why would president want to talk to me! haha well I answered the phone with a shaky voice, "Hello President, this is Sister Dumont." He proceeded to tell me that I was going to Kearney and my new companion would be Sister Call. Then he said, "The Lord would like for you to serve as a Sister Training Leader. Will you accept?" How do you say no to that? Well, he hung up the phone and I was just shaking! Sister Case says well what's going on? I told her my new assignment and that she was staying in Columbus and Sister Vogel would be her companion.....again. That is insane! Sister Vogel trained Sister Case for 6 weeks, then she was sent to me for 3 transfers and now she's back with Sister V. Crazy things are happening out here! By the way, Kearney is the area that Sister Page has served for the past 7.5 months. CRAZY!

Well the rest of thursday was pretty much a blur as well. We had to be moved out of the Peschkes and into the appartment, clean, and say 'see you later' to everyone. It was one LONG day! 

It was pretty hard saying see ya to those sweet people in Columbus but I know that I am needed in Kearney! The work is so close to BOOMING out here, we just know it! 

It was also hard saying goodbye to that Sweet Sister Case! *Shout out to that Sister Missionary!* We cried all the way to transfer point....then we sat in the car and tried to make a 'see ya later' video but we just cried the whole time!!!! Yikes. 

Sister Call is incredible! She is from Spokane Washington. She has been out for 10 months. She was in my district my first transfers out here. If I can be like....half the missionary she is one day I'll be doing okay. I am so grateful to learn from her how to be a Sister Trainer Leader. I love the 8 SETS of sisters we are over so much already. This calling is the perfect way to forget yourself! I love it so much and I know that Heavenly Father knew this is just what I needed! 

I am so humbled to be here in Kearney and to be able to assist Heavenly Father in any way he needs me to. 

The Ward Mission Leader here is INCREDIBLE! He magnifies his calling to the MAX! He and his wife worry so much about us and works so hard along side us. We know there is a lot of work to be done here and we are so excited to be a part of it. 

There is a YSA branch here with sisters serving in it. The past few days we have found a few new investigators but they have all been YSA age so we will send them over to them. Our focus is families...if we can bring families into the church then the work will move forward as Heavenly Father expects. 

May we all renew our desire to do missionary work. "There are lives to brighten, souls to save, and hearts to touch." --President Monson. Look for those people around you who need the Light that you have to share! I am praying for you all!!!!! 


Love Always, 
Sister Dumont

P.s. the Ward mission leaders family (Vera's)  made us completos last night! DELICIOSO!

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