Monday, March 17, 2014


I'm sorry I'm so bad at e-mailing lately! This hour just goes so fast and we have to report on all the sisters to president so I just get stressed! ha ha (*sigh:)

Birthday lunch!
So last monday was my 8 month mark!!! Are you kidding? Time flies so hard! The weather has been beautiful this past week so we played tennis and volleyball with the YSA sisters. IT WAS SO FUN :) Sister Muasau is turning me into a Volleyball player quick! I mean i liked it before but I can actually play now!

Tuesday was exchanges in Grand Island. We always see lots of miracles and i am able to learn from the sisters so much! Sister Beers is the definition of Charity! She and I have so much in common so it was fun getting to know and teaching with her. Sister Crist is a POWERFUL teacher! Everything she says is thought out and that makes it so much more special.

Korean Food with korean students

Wednesday we had Zone Training! We were privileged to give a training on the importance of simple teaching and commitments and how they invite the spirit! We all learned so much from giving that training. During a role play with sister Muasau I learned something very special:

So I like to think that I am a very strong person. I don't like to show my weaknesses and i don't like crying in front of people. Well Sister Muasau were both crying because the spirit was so strong in this role play. Sis M is very similar and likes to be a strong person. Well the spirit taught me that none of us are strong enough on our own. I am not strong enough to make it through ANYTHING with out Christ. If we were strong enough then we wouldn't need him but we're not so we can't! We are strong enough with him :)

We also trained on Thursday at the North Platte ZT and finished the day with exchanges! The birthday fairy visited Sister Papavero on Friday morning!!!

Sister Papavero is BOSS! I love this sister! I got to be with her on her Birthday :) We meant to say 20 but obviously it's backwards!!!!!

Well I love you all and I hope you have a great week! This e-mail was better right? ha ha I'll try a little harder every time and we'll see where that gets us! 


Love Always, 

Sister Dumont

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