Monday, March 24, 2014

Never Get Sick on Your Mission!

Seriously, don't do it. It is not worth it! 

This week was so good though :) haha So I realized that I haven't told you anything about our investigators! 

First there is Lizz and Nery: They are married and awesome! They elders used to teach Nery and sisters kind of taught Lizz but that wasn't right, they need to do these things together ya know? Brother Vera felt very strongly that we should teach them together. They are so great! You know the promise that The First shall be the last and The Last shall be the first? Well I have never really understood until Nery. He is from Guatemala, aka a descendant of the Laminites aka, the new first. He willingly accepts the gospel and it is incredible. We started (yesterday) teaching his mom and the same is true. It is truly amazing! They are set to baptized on APRIL 12th!!!!! They are so excited for the day they can be married in the temple! We will hopefully be going to the Trail Center and to look at the temple with them this week or next!

This is us and Lizz waiting to surprise Nery on his birthday! YAY!

Then there is Karen: She was a referral from a member serving a mission in Ireland (from utah). They met fishing in Oregon together and Karen has had so many experiences with missionaries. She happened upon the Laie temple and the visitor center and so many other things. When we first met her she was waiting on the porch for us and said, " I've been waiting for you!" THIS NEVER HAPPENS! She is such a prepared person. We came back this week and she read the intro to the BOM and the restoration pamphlet. She feels in her heart that it is true!!!! We know good things are to come with her! I know that I knew her in the Pre-earth life!!!!!

Being sick, I stayed in on Saturday! It was so hard but I was just so dizzy all the time! Sister Muasau, Call and Merrill took such good care of me!!!! I am not 100% yet but soon enough! 

I love you all so much :) "Have miracles ceased? NAY"

Have a great week of missionary experiences! 


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