Monday, June 16, 2014

I want my family and my friends to know...

First of all.....KAREN IS SET FOR BAPTISM! Right after I emailed last week we had a lesson with her and she had read her reading assignment and MORE. She kept pointing out scriptures about baptism and then she said, "And I'm ready to be baptized." WHAT?! the only problem is that she is in North Carolina (Zane, find her) for the next month or so but when she gets back....IT'S ON!

I was reading the talk from Sister Reeves this past week and at the end she says: "This is what I want my family to know..." So I decided to make my own. I want my family and friends to know...That the BOM has healing power beyond all else. No matter what, the Savior through his Atonement, has the power to heal us. I know because He has healed me. If you want to grow closer to the Savior read the BOM EVERY DAY! The bom is Christ. He is the way! the prophets and apostles whole purpose is to testify of Christ. They will not lead us astray but closer to Him. This is Christ's church on the earth. living the gospel of Jesus Christ every day is possible. As you read the Bom, pray and seek how you can change and then do it! True happiness comes as we are founded on Christ. The way we can know Christ is our Savior is through reading the words of ancient and modern day prophets. 


I have photos but forgot my camera cord..oops!

Have a great week! 

Sister Dumont

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