Monday, June 2, 2014

Longest Week of my Mission!

Woof, it's been quite the long week...

I'm gonna write a lot this week, (compared to previous) so be prepared. 
So...We did some service for a member who has a farm. We shoveled cow yuck into her garden. it was :) We got some sun so that was great. We moved back into the Cammacks (i'm not sure if i said we had moved into the YSAs apartment for a week and a half) and while getting myself cleaned up I found 59 red dots on my stomach. IT WAS NUTS AND I FLIPPED. We had Karen check them, she's a nurse, and she said they were scabies! YIKES! The next day we went to the doc and I got the treatment cream for it. Applied it that night and washed everything the next day. 

Janiece sent me photos of my little Cohen and I just love him so much! He was born on the day of my 9 month mark, isn't that cute?! I'm a little obsessed with's fine. I kiss his picture every day! :) Sister Jorgensen made us Cafe Rio burritos! It was an answer to my prayers! I haven't had anything remotely close to that since home! Yum Yum. We had a funny conversation that night with the zone leaders. They called to ask how all the sisters in the zone were doing and then they asked about us. Well, we felt like we should let them know that I went to the Dr and they asked what for. Sister Call said, "she has a disease, just kidding. she uh.....has....uh..." mean while I'm whispering, " tell them I have a rash, just tell them I have a rash!" "she uh....she.......uhhhhh...." I take the phone and yell "I HAVE A RASH, OKAY!".........YIKES! I don't think I have laughed that hard whole life. How embarrassing! OH WELL!!!! 

We had a meeting with Brother Price, our assistant WML on friday. They had us over for breakfast. (Dad, I had a bacon maple bar doughnut just for you :) We are excited to work with brother Price. Plus, he loves tracting with a burning passion (no lie). 

One of our Less-active members is trying to quit smoking this month so we are going to go off sugar for a month (except for dinner appointments). It is going to be awesome, I can already tell. 

I am so grateful for the Atonement! It is what allows us to be better and to keep pushing forward. I know that Atonement is for EVERYONE but we as members of Christ's true church have FULL AND COMPLETE access to is so lets use it, K? 

Shout out to my baby nephew Grayson coming at ya this Thursday, June 5, 2014! I love you baby boy and will meet you in..........(I'm not going to say how long because it's sad). Good luck to my Sis, Jess! 


Sister Dumont

PS: My comp has an eye problem. I've never been to the doc so much on my mission! Sometimes I make fun of her....I'm rude! 

(This is Elder Croak, he lives in our window well :)

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