Monday, August 25, 2014

Following the example of Jesus Christ!

Howdy Y'all,

It sure has been an eventful week, I hope I can say all that I want to! 

I'm gonna start with the best! KAREN WAS BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED! It was so stinking great! She was so ready and is on fire. She shared her testimony at the baptism and is was so sweet. She is going to make a huge difference in the Kearney area. The Elders are already recruiting her for team-ups and she wants everyone to feel how she does. Karen once asked what we get for getting a baptism and we told her "blessings!" and she said, "not even a Bucky Beaver badge?" So she made one for us!

I was all sorts of sick this week, it's amazing how Satan tries to do anything he can to stop the work. After zone conference on tuesday, a bunch of missionaries had some stomach issues on Wednesday (Sister Smith and I included). Then Friday I thought i was having really bad allergies but it ended up being a cold or something. I think i'm getting over it....maybe. 

Zone conference was so amazing. We are really making a push to inviting all to read from the Book of Mormon. 

*Starting today we are reading 5 pages a day until Dec 8th to read the whole thing before Christmas and I want to invite all of you to do that!*

I know the BOM is the most correct of any book on earth. The reason we read it daily is to be more converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for the many prophets and people who sacrificed that we could have this great book. 

 I love you all so much! Keep on reading :) Let me know if you'll be joining the mission to read the BOM by Dec 8th !

Sister Dumont 

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