Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I really am struggling to know what to email because this week has just been oh so miraculous! So I'll start with quoting myself from my letter to President today. 

This week was certainly one of the most miraculous I've seen in a while. These miracles are happening not just in Kearney but in all of the areas of these sisters. All of them now have a baptismal set and 4 out of the 5 were a star companionship! We know that it is because we are focusing more on the Book of Mormon that all of these miracles are coming to pass! I have never had more joy in my mission than I do now and I know it is because I am taking the time to notice the miracles and thank my Heavenly Father for them. This work is so rewarding but that is not what motivates me. When I first came on my mission I did it because Heavenly Father wanted me to. Once some time passed I realized my motives for being here was for my family and my future family to have the best chance in the world. Now, it is because I love my Savior and I want to serve him the best that I can!

We are finding new people to teach. The members are giving us referrals. Less-actives are showing up out of nowhere. It's incredible and Kearney is really picking up with missionary work. I hope i can stay here forever!!!!!! :( 

There is a talk in October 2013 GC called Called of Him to Declare His Word and it talks about how when we serve selflessly we will find more joy than ever before and I know that is true. If you are struggling in any way look around you and see how you can lift one of God's children. I promise that service combined with reading the Book of Mormon, Praying and going to Church will get you through anything! I promise to write more next week! I love you all! 

If you are reading along in the Book of Mormon we read through page 45 today. There's still hope :)

Sister Dumont

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