Monday, October 13, 2014

Top 10 Safest Cities to Live in Nebraska

If that doesn't make you feel good, I don't know what will :) 

Last Monday after going to Old Market (a sweet place in downtown Omaha with lots of cute fun stores. I will be taking you, my fam, here someday). This one candy store had Pumpkin pie fudge that tasted just like pumpkin pie minus the crust. Are you serious? It was so stinking good! Then we had some ice cream at this bomb place called Ted and Wally's and lo and behold Sister Case and her comp came too :) *Another shout out to Stace Vance for setting it up* Mom and Dad, I got a scoop of Haupia, which is Hawaiian coconut pudding ice cream, in honor of your trip to Hawaii. 

(I don't know if she does but I still wear my 'Sisters Forever' necklace EVERY DAY :)

We also went to a city council meeting to introduce ourselves and let them know we're here to help but they just breezed over us....awkward. That is where we found out we're in the top 10 though so that's good. We got to meet the Mayor afterward and he apologized. haha His name is Mayor Bowman...probably related :) 

We had interviews with President Weston. Gaul, I just love him! He is always led by the spirit and knows just how to help me. 

Fast forward to Friday! We got to go see "Meet the Mormons" with a less-active from the ward. It was SOOO WEIRD walking into the movie theatres. I felt sick to my stomach. It was so funny. On the way there Jianna goes, "Did your Mission President tell you to go to this movie" (meaning permission) and Sister Jones says, "No, we just thought it was a good idea." hahahahaha She looked at us like 'ooooohhh rebels' and we quickly told her that we did have permission. I don't miss movies! Isn't that great! Only ones that I can feel the spirit in and MTMs was definitely one of those. Take your friends! Or just go yourself :) 

So I think I told you about the Mott Family last week maybe? Well if not it's a mom and 2 sets of twins, 16 yo and 10 yos. Cutest family ever! Well one of the 16 yos committed to be baptized and 5 of them came to church yesterday :) 

Well I love you all so much :) Keep the faith and don't ever give up! Have a great week!

Love Sister Dumont

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