Monday, December 22, 2014

Does Anyone Know How to Slow Time?

This transfer is so busy and it is a bit freaky! 

This past week was a great one! We are just trucking along, getting to know the members in Fairview ward. There is a one, Brother Brown, whom Sister Call taught. He is possibly the cutest thing i've ever seen. He's in his....I won't disclose this information but he's older. We do FHE with him and his Daughter (not a member) and some other members in the ward and it is awesome! 

We were blessed to go to the trail center with Ashley on Wednesday as the youth were doing baptisms for the dead. You won't believe who gave our tour....none other than my Bestie, Sister Case :)  

We dressed up.....

It was super duper tender mercy and Obvi we had a great time! 

Also the next day was Christmas zone conference. I was reminded of how much Heavenly Father is aware of me. Last Week, I set a transfer goal of NO FEAR, and if you can believe it, that's what a portion of our Zone Conference was about. Sister Mc and I just looked at each other in amazement! And guess what? so we had a testimony meeting at the end and this elder got up and said, "fear is stupid!" I love it! Although i don't like the S word...i'll have to come up with a substitute! But it's true. If we really understand the enabling power of the Atonement, we wouldn't have fear. I remember when Elder Neilson was here....a month ago... and he told us that the Apostles have no fear. ZERO, Zip zilch! Wanna know why? Because of faith! So there's the answer. If we can increase our faith, we will decrease our fear! 

We had someone set for baptism for 2 days....and then she dropped us....AWE MAN! We're working to find someone...PRAY! 

I love you all and I hope you have a very merry Christmas and remember the reason for the season! 

Sister Dumont

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