Monday, December 29, 2014

I love Christmas on the Mishmas!

We had a great week! We started off in Lincoln with an exchange. On Preparation day we took some nice Christmas photos!

​Ugly sweaters! Naturally, I grabbed the cat :)

We got to go caroling and gave out "He is the Gift" was too much fun!

We rushed home from Lincoln for an appointment we had made with a member. He is currently dating someone who has been coming to church for quite a few months now and guess what? She accepted to take the lessons! CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! We have our first lesson with her tonight :) Prayers!

Zone trainings were this week so we trained in 2 out of the 3 for sisters in our stewardship. Our zone was on Christmas eve day and our stake president paid for all of us to have lunch at Golden Corral! Yummy! Then we had supper 2 hours later with the Bucksbees....yikes, that's a lot of food. On top of that, my sweet companion wasn't feeling very well and didn't really have an appetite.

Christmas was excellent! We had brunch and supper with families in Fairview and visited people in Plattsmouth ward who didn't have families in town this year! I am very grateful for the members who take such great care of us!

This was our last Sunday of 6 hours of church...It's kind of a relief because I can't sit still and focus that long! :) Fairview starts at 9:00 and Pmouth at 10:00 so we'll see what happens there.

I love you all! Never forget that you are loved by me and more importantly, your Heavenly Father!

Sister Dumont

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