Monday, December 15, 2014

Wow! Flattsmouth

So transfers happened. Can I just say, don't ever have a companion go home. I still had companions but they were temporary and super not the same as having my own. I AM SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE MY OWN :) haha Introducing......

Sister McFadgen! She hails from the land of Ayr Canada (near Toronto). She was trained by my dearly beloved, Sister Smith so you know she's good :) We are so excited to work in our 2 areas. You heard right folks, we are assigned to Fairview and still live and work in Plattsmouth as well so double duty. I'm afraid this transfer is going to go by so fast with all of the festivites but we are going to enjoy every second of it! Sister McFee is such a hard worker and we just laugh ALL THE TIME! Mostly about funny things Sister Smith did when we were companions. There is so much to be done! 

I was reading in the Epistle of Moroni to Pahoran and he exhorts Pahoran to be "repent of that which ye have done, and begin to be up and doing" Alma 60:24. So that is my challenge to you. Repent and move on. Don't stand idly looking on but do ALL in your power to, day by day, become more like the Savior. I love you all and will let you in on more about the areas when we know ourselves....hahaha we're a little in limbo! 

Have a great week! 

Sister Dumont

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