Monday, December 2, 2013

"I am only sassy because I have to defend myself!"

That is a quote from....myself. Sister Case and I are really sassy to each other and it is really funny! So I told her I was going to try not to be sassy because Christ wouldn't be sassy and then I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I am only Sassy because I have to defend myself :) Oh and guess what?! WE ARE STILL TOGETHER IN COLUMBUS! It truly is a Christmas miracle! We did not think that was going to happen! We screamed SO loud when we found out. The only one out of the 6 of us missionaries in Columbus  who left is Elder Tatafu. That was so so hard to see him go. Now who are we going to sing with?

Well I am telling ya, this week was crazy! Mostly, our memories are fading and we can't remember anything that happens like....8 hours previous. Last Monday we were in Norfolk for pday. We got to go shopping at Target and play volleyball and eat Samoan food! It was such a blast!

On Tuesday we had an appointment with Tayna. I don't think I have talked about her yet so I will now. She is Brother Vavra's friend from work. He originally introduced us so that we could meet her mom and teach her but it ended up that her mom, Barb, wasn't quite ready so we started teaching Tayna and boy is she prepared. She accepted to be baptized Dec. 28!!!!! I can't tell you how exciting it is when someone commits to follow our Savior, Jesus Christ. Well, Barb loves everything she learns. She has COPD and Tayna thinks this will be her last Christmas. Barb told us she wants us to be by her side when she passes. That was so sweet. I have a feeling that Barb is one of those I promised in Heaven that I would find her and bring her to the gospel. She has such a sweet spirit. Then Tayna's friend Tara who is always there for lessons read the BOM in 2 days....2 DAYS, ARE YOU KIDDING! That was incredible. She is thinking about baptism. Then....Tayna's son said he wants to learn more. This is now called the WATERS OF MORMON house for real! We thought we had one before but this is the real deal.

We also got to go play "Shut the Box" with the assisted living people at the nursing home and it was so much fun. They are a crack up!

Thanksgiving was incredible. Holidays on the mission are so fun because you just get to focus on the Savior even more. Sister Case and I ran the 2 mile Turkey Trot. Considering we didn't all....we did pretty well. It was SOOOO cold. Then the priesthood every year does a turkey bowl so we went to cheer them on. President Linquist was trying to get us to play and we said, "No, we can't touch boys." "Well sisters played a few years ago," "well were they being obedient?" Then he said, "Well I will have my blinders on today!" What a silly man. NO, we did not play!

Turkey Bowl
We helped Sister Peschke get ready for our Thanksgiving dinner by making potatoes and gravy. She taught us how to make 'lump-free' gravy so we got to be Domestic Divas for a moment. We also made delicious FLUFF (jello, yogurt, whip cream). Sister Case and I are obsessed so we bought some flavors to mix and try this week. Then we just visited people and shared the 'High 5 for Fatties' scripture with everyone since it was a feast.

Friday we went black Friday shopping.....JK we did not. We helped 2 families move in David City. That was so much fun. There were so many members from the branch there helping and It was so great. Then sister Case and I stopped and got tacos from the best taco stand around and they were delish.

Saturday was weekly planning and deep clean. We were supposed to go bowling with Tayna and her crew and Sylvia and her crew but we realized the coupons were only until 6 and so we played foosball instead.

I love fast and testimony meeting! We got to help Shirley (less-active) decorate her Christmas tree :) I am so grateful for this time of year when most of the world celebrates Christ's birth. I know so many miracles will come as we ALL strive to share that message with those around us. Stay warm! I love you all so much :)


Sister Dumont

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