Monday, December 9, 2013


I don't know if y'all know this about me but I love the snow! So maybe I already said this but Sister Case and I made bows and flowers last week at Sister Bishop's! Sister Case burned herself on the hot glue gun so that was sad....or funny!

We met this guy named Richard. I have seen him a few times but never officially met. He knows the elders. Richard is a little bit crazy but we love him just the same. He has called us every day this week telling us how much he wishes he was in Texas. He wants a postcard from both Texas (Sister Case) and Utah so Mom or Dad if you could send one with the Salt Lake temple on it that would be fantastic! :)

So Vickie is our age, less-active we have been working with for a while. She like this other less-active, Nate who wants to start coming back. They are so good for each other and they are helping each other back to the church. We met Nate for the first time last Monday and he is super great! I gave them permission to get married in the temple! :)

Thanksgiving Delish
Must Fight Trytophan

For FHE we played apples to apples. Whenever Sister Case was the judge she picked my card without knowing it was mine. It's obvious I know her more than she thinks I do! It was so funny. Grandma Katie (Sister Peschke's mom) fell and broke her arm Monday night so we woke up Tuesday morning to a new housemate. Poor little thing. She had surgery Wednesday and is now in the Golden Living Center (assisted living).

So every Monday we turn in our 'numbers' but I had forgotten my last transfer's planner to enter those numbers so we ended up going Tuesday morning to do it. This was a small miracle because we saw one of our investigators there. She had cancelled our appointment for later that evening because she was having a rough day. We got to talk to her for 30 minutes and just brighten her day. Heavenly Father has such a way of lining everything up to work out so perfectly.

Here's our Boots, Mom!

We have been volunteering at the Golden Living Center (GLC) and have grown close to the activities director. Her name is Kris. We went to visit and see if there was anything that we could help her with but we couldn't find her so we ended up visiting some residents we know. We were on our way out when a cute little lady stopped us to tell us how pretty we looked. She then gave us just lots and lots of advice like Live Life to the Fullest, and Always Be Happy, and Don't Ever Get More Than 3 Cortisone Shots a Year....haha She was so sweet! We felt like we needed to go back to Kris' office one more time to see if she was there. Lo and behold she was! We scheduled some days we will come and help. She was having a rough day and we were so glad to help brighten her mood.

Our Lava Lavas

We had a lesson with Sylvia and Emily. Our district is all sister except one set of elders (our district leader and his comp). It's really weird but we love it! The dream team is still together! (Sisters Fuller and Willis, Sisters Schrader and Wilding, and us) Plus we added another set of sisters! The poor Elders! HaHa!
The Sisters

 I gave a training on how to help 'others' have a more powerful experience at church. The conclusion was that the ticket to a more meaningful church experience is the preparation you put into it. My challenge is for each of you this week to think how you can better prepare yourself to partake of the sacrament and have a powerful experience :) There is so much more to write but I don't have enough time! I will try to write it in a letter and have you type it up Dad! I love you all:)

More to come :)

Love Always,

Sister Dumont

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