Monday, December 16, 2013

Homeless....Homeless...Like the Christ-Child Was

That's right folks...Sister Case and I are homeless. Just kidding, we just have to move like every few days until the 26th. Right now we are living out in the Country in Osceola at our Branch Presidents house. We will be in Lincoln until Tuesday night and then on Wednesday we will move back into Columbus with the Spicers, PARTY! Actually, they leave for Utah Thursday morning so that'll be great. We are watching their house for them. I don't know if I ever said but the reason we are homeless is because the Peschkes are in Florida and they didn't want us there alone so it has been crazy couple of days moving and packing and unpacking and packing again. Phew!

Well here is a funny story for ya from last Monday. So we were at a Members home and she has a 2 year old daughter who is brilliant and speaks full sentences and knows us missionaries by name. Well she was asking her mom for milk (breastmilk) and she said No like several times. Well finally Kayla goes, "Does Dumont have milk?" Sister Case and I about died. She wanted me to breastfeed her. YIKES! That was so stinking funny!

Tuesday was my 5 month mission birthday! What the crazy, I can't believe that. We helped out at the Golden Living Center (nursing home) with their Christmas party. A high school group sang for the entertainment. Afterwards we were standing out in the hall and the choir all comes out. I am just smiling and saying good job to them when all of the sudden this high schooler gives me the "nod" and raises his eyebrows at me. I was mortified/bright red and I looked over at Sister Case who was on the other side of the hall from me and she had her mouth opened so wide. We were dying! She told me I needed to stop flirting with the High schoolers. Gaul, she's the worst. That was super funny!

Wednesday we had zone training in Lincoln and it was super great! For lunch we went to Olive Garden and I about died I was so happy. By the time we got home we had to pack and move out to the Lindquists (22 miles away).

Last funny story.... so we did work out in Osceola on Saturday because we never get out here to see people cause it is so far away but we are living here for the week. We visited a less active family and they have 4 dogs. Well one dog just sat still in the corner and they tell us that she is deaf. Later on the dog comes and is sniffing Sister Case and they remind her that she is deaf so naturally, Sister Case waves at the dog. It was the funniest thing and we about died. Obviously that's what you would do to a deaf dog :) haha I love her!

Well this week we all wrote talks on the atonement for our Christmas Zone Conference that is tomorrow. They are going to draw a name out of a hat to decide who will give their talk. I wrote mine this morning after pondering on it all week. My favorite line is, "Don't strive for perfection, strive for progression." We will never become perfect in this life but as we are applying the atonement in our lives we will progress. Heavenly Father has great plans for each of us and it is up to us to reach that potential. The atonement is amazing! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Love always,

Sister Dumont

P.S. Shout out to my Kate girl getting married on Thursday! There better be a cardboard cutout of my face somewhere! :) LOve you girl!

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