Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Week

I hope y'all had a very merry Christmas!

Last week we went grocery shopping at Walmart after e-mails and IT WAS PACKED! I didn't think there were that many people in this town. I think everyone was there.

Christmas eve was so great! We had a lesson with Tara, which hadn't happened for a while. Turns out she lives right by the Spicers. We volunteered at the GLC and played shut the box with a few of our favorite ladies :) The Reeves had us over for dinner around 4 so we went early and helped her cook. Sister Reeves is due in a little less than a month and she is having her first little girl after 3 boys. Dinner was so good! They showed us this youtube video called the 'Rapstoration.' Look it up! It is the restoration in a rap. I've never felt the spirit in a rap before but I promise it will change your life!!!! It changed mine! I am going to learn it somehow and teach the Restoration that way! Just you wait! We then went and looked at Christmas lights. There was this one house that had this amazing light show and you tuned in to a radio station and the lights went with the music! Gaul people are great!

Brother Reeves was killing us because Mannheim Steamroller (or however you spell it) was playing and he was like, I don't think they're allowed to listen to heavy medal. He's such a good, protective Branch Mission Leader :) haha Next we went to they Hyde's. There we dressed up with the other missionaries, the bishop kids, and the Hyde kids to act out the nativity. Sister Case and I were shepherds....I think. Then Mama Hyde busted out her bells and we played Christmas songs! Of course, we ended the night with ice cream :) **This is random but I need to make an anti-shoutout to Jess Beck! Where you at homegirl?** Okay time in....Next we went to Sylvia's because we hadn't seen her for weeks! We got there just as they were pulling in! Coincidence....I think not! We wrapped presents for her because she is....not the best at wrapping :) haha Then they opened presents right then and there! Emily got a tablet and I've never seen her so happy in my life! We went home and opened our Christmas eve presents from our families. WE GOT MATCHING PJS! Mom, you're the cutest thing known to earth and we LOVE LOVE our jammers so stinking much!

CHRISTMAS!!!! We woke up and opened our presents! That was so stinking fun! I made tradition! They were so stinking yummy and I was so happy :)

We went to see Dorothy, a resident at the GLC who didn't have anyone coming to see her on Christmas so we told her we would visit. She bought us lunch at the care center so we ate with her. That was so great! 

We went to the Bishop's and SKYPED! Gaul that was the greatest thing! I felt disobedient. I think they brainwash us on a mission but it's a good brainwash! I just wanted to stare at everyone the whole time! That would have been aca-awkward! I LOVE YOU FAMILY! The Bishops gave us pizza. We drove to Lincoln that night to have out sleep over. One of the Sisters was sliding on the floor and slipped and sprained her wrist. haha whoops!

I have to wrap this up but our investigator, Barb, Tayna's mom, passed away on Friday. It's hard and we are trying to help Tayna find the peace. Sorry to wrap it up so quick but I love you all so much! I challenge you all to 1. read your scriptures every day this week, and 2. pray night and day this week! see what happens :)

Love always and forever,

Sister Dumont

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  1. we back you up on the xmas cd music. , I love that one. Sounds like you are doing well.,,,, we will take your challenge. Love you Sister Courtney!,..Your Uncle Jim and Aunt Wendee....