Monday, April 7, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Raise your hand if you loved conference. If you're not raising your hand, maybe you should watch it :) 

I've been in Kearney for a transfer! That blows my mind! 
Well, Sister Call and I learned how to bear our testimonies in Spanish! #wannabehermanas
I am seriously telling president I am will to change to Spanish speaking at some point in the mission....we'll see. We bore our testimonies to Nery in Spanish and it really touched him. He said it was so beautiful. I think her was just being nice but oh well :) 

We started volunteering at the Salvation Army and it is so fun! Plus we get to talk to a lot of new people. There are a lot of potentials there. We had a lesson with Lizz and she volunteered to say the closing prayer *miracle* 

Transfers happened and we are staying together, thank goodness! We played soccer that night because one of the elders was being transferred. Nery brings his hispanic friends who are way good and then there's me....the only girl who plays. Confession session #ilovesoccer

Karen loved the plan of salvation. She says it brings her so much peace! Gaul she's so prepared! 

I loved everything about conference but my favorite was probably........all of them :) I loved Gary E. Stevensons about the 4 minutes of our life! #we'veonlygot4minutes

It was S Call's birthday and we spoiled her!

Tell me your favorites please :) 

I love you all so much!!!

 Photos next week!

Sister Dumont

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