Monday, May 5, 2014

"Thrust in YOUR sickle"

We had stake conference this weekend and it was possibly the best ever. I wish y'all could have heard it. Elder Ward of the 70 was there. Saturday night session was all about missionary work and us 4 sisters in Kearney were asked to do a special musical number. I'll be sending videos home soon.

I cannot explain to you how amazing this night was. The musical number was the EFY medley but we used the new missionary words to As Sisters in Zion. The spirit was so strong. I just smiled the whole meeting because it was all about missionary work. Elder Ward personalized D&C 4:4. He talked about how we each have our own sickle and we are to use it to work around us. THERE ARE PEOPLE WITHIN OUR REACH! All of us, not just some of us. Who can you reach out to and share this GOOD NEWS with? Thrust in your sickle. The gathering of Israel is happening. Will you be a part of it?

We also had Mission Leadership conference this week and it was incredible. the mission is good at being obedient and working hard but we need the FAITH to see miracles.

I LOVE ALL YOU MOTHERS OUT THERE! Especially my own mother. I am where I am because of you and I thank you so much for that! And to my grandma, sisters, and aunties! Have a great mothers day!


 Sister Dumont

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